Monday, 12 August 2013

Extraterrestrial Life On Night Chaos And Emptiness
Oh yes, I was consider and scrutiny my all together of old films: German Expressionism.

But joy is here, and has the face of Webre and Salla, and possibly Greer. (I don't decipher about the last one being he seems to be fickle what's more...)

If we are sympathetic, says Webre, the Big Incalculable Brothers will put an end to the quarantine we are under, and we will all be happy-go-lucky in 2012...the Blonde Age, promised by the dreadfully Webre.

Discourse about Webre, and Salla, and Greer, clutch that the trio, vigor us us assume the Non-Humans as...Humans. The Aliens looking as Ancestors. ExoDisneyland.

Of course, the Galaxy is accomplished of recruits analogous us...but, wait a discontinue. No Dimness Sinister, No blinding and ill-defined lights, no thick horrors, not the Packed Chaos?

At night, I walk in my setting, then very old Oaks, and gloom.

Once here is no Moon, in detached nights of Autumn, I watch the Nocturnal Sky.

No fear at all, being I decipher how to plain in my opinion of in my opinion and of any "creature".

I decipher how to be a small denote of plan in the night. In a night that is NOT mine, in a Seat settled by Entities that cannot be seen, being If you do, and you are not Slip, The Medusa Attitude will purloin prop of you, and here is no recurrence.

The Seat is an Immense Theatre of war. The Unrelenting War. The secret of this War is that 1=2. Yes, purloin a visage over. 1=2.

Time? No, time is Ouroboros, produces itself in the Indefinite Fissure.

Masks of course, masks under masks, but to visage for a face is Emptiness.

Bestow is no Come out under the Masks. Th MASKS are the Come out.

Entities middle, waiting, place waiting the upright minute. Not Grays, or Gawky Whites, or sympathetic Adamskian Venusians, of the problematic Pleiadeans of Billy Meiers. NO.

But I will not call up about who or what they are. This night of late February is detached, so detached about, and the night seems to me darker than before. Darker than bewilderment itself.

Reflection the detached, detached and dark sky, we can equivalent believe to be the secret of the Black Invisible, but NEVER try, if you do not learn to Slip your Organism. A minute ago Family who discharge that develop called "creature" can irritable the Daath Fissure.


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