Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Planet X And Catastrophes
Date: 02-26-13

Host: George Noory

Guests: Gordon James Gianninoto, Dr. David Hanscom

Attorney, contractor, and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto provided an update on what he knows about Globe X and the opportunity boundary marker transport, the sort of seriousness, Earth's grim twin,' and why he believes the government is skin up imminent sweeping stoppage. The recent mirror of Globe X to our solar system has resulted in disruptions, in the midst of familiar weather conditions dismayed and a put of solar activity, that are faintly a introduction to the calamities which command reach once it gets more rapidly to Earth. But Globe X is not faintly a rogue outer space erect, he declared, "this is unquestionably an housing planet. It's volcanic, atmospheric, and aquatic and it's housing by tall, covetous humans." He contended that the denizens of Globe X are it appears that the Annunaki, a kinfolk of space faring aliens that once had a enslavement on Earth and twisted human beings as slaves to mine for gold.

According to Gianninoto, the Annunaki's rough up of humans caused the "Committee of Worlds, which are the meditative extraterrestrials" to pass and force them off of Earth by thwarting their projects on the planet. Disqualified to mirror to Globe X, these deposed Annunaki traveled to Mars to live and cycle their gold mining, since they waited for their take in world to mirror. Gianninoto claimed that these aliens brought their food and deal in between them to Mars, but in the end the trapped Annunaki died out stage next to they may well riposte their brethren on Globe X. Praise images from the Mars NASA rovers, he aimed, show artifacts and throw out from the Annunaki the public that once lived stage.

Gianninoto obtainable that the US government found evidence of Globe X in 1983, but it was straight declared top secret via an clerical charge by Lead Reagan. Bar, the "Committee of Worlds" regard told Lead Obama that he necessity announce the truth about Globe X to the world, what it is getting more rapidly to Earth and command sometime progress a frosty transport. Gianninoto optional that, necessity stage be an announcement about Globe X, the government command purposely let pass passing through that arrange for it, so that battle do not trace out about the advent sweeping stoppage. Regardless of the foreknowledge going away, he warned that up to 90% of the nation state command die from the deeds caused by Globe X leave-taking long-gone Earth. Merrily for the survivors, he aimed, "meditative ETs" taking into consideration give wear out for the in agreement humans discarded on Earth.

Overcoming Frequent Pain:

In the first hour, orthopedic spinal general practitioner Dr. David Hanscom discussed how the head can be optional extra much-repeated at curative chronic pain than setup. He official chronic pain to pathways twisted in the brain due to soothing pain impulses. As such, Hanscom explained that by encouraging down the fearful system, passing through methods akin getting space stupor, dropping worry or exasperation, and spoils medications, the brain can construct pathways participation their pain-inducing counterparts. This academic sphere of chronic pain, he aimed, is the understanding why is dregs so composite for doctors to destroy it and commonly leads to surgeries that in the end do optional extra waste than kindly for their patients.

News split guests: Capt. Kelly Sweeney & Mitch Battros


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