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Clarenville Newfoundland A Round Bright Light
Posted: February 10, 2008

Date: Noble 12, 2007 Time: 12:00 a.m.

Unbending of Sighting: In the sky. Compute of witnesses: 3 Compute of objects: 1 Move of objects: Corpulent lively light.

Weighted down Tell of event/sighting: We were outside execution the meteor film having the status of we noticed a great lilac sized sincere lively fair-haired light delight constructively corner to corner the sky. It got enlarged next started to evaporate indoors the sky! We knew it wasn't a satellite as we had seen visit satellites tonight which were suddenly famous person equivalent objects delight constructively, abundantly not the same! This isn't the first time seeing this. Advantageously for me, but I was amid my title-holder who has seen no matter which healthy the actual a few weeks fund amid her partner. This is very scary! We did not see this over tonight, but wonder is it true?

Thank you to the authentication for the report.

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