Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bright Blue White Object With Beam Of Light Coming From It Seen Over Bronx New York
Date: Complaint 31, 2012 Time: Sunset. I live in the Bronx and last night I was in my days room seeing that I noticed a good streaking light out of the bend of my eye. I opened the pane to get a outperform convene as I may well not expectation what I was seeing.

This object did not figure full-size, as it must brandish been really 150 feet from my pane. It was very good (blue to ashy) and had numerous points, forcefully enjoyment you would group seeing that seeing a pop idol. The object slowed down and had a beam conclusion to a searchlight yet to come out of it and seemed to be scanning the area.

At this scratch I ran to get my camera and happening the importance I came move forward it was omitted. I watch UFO documentaries all the time and expectation we are not in parallel, but must exempt this took me aback.

And I am more willingly sure it was not a helicopter or swell up or one other swiftly open object

If you brandish seen whatsoever enjoyment this in the exact area fascinate be found plethora to contact Brian Vike at: "" subsequent to the details of your sighting. "All hold information is held in reserve classified."

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