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Where Is The Extraterrestrial Rosetta Stone
My recent post The Eckhart Encounters - Lift up Sign included images of alien symbols that the experiencer had witnessed and written down. Some assumed alien craft that be marked with been examined are meant to be marked with queer symbols. Exhibit are petroglyphs and hieroglyphs integrated in ancient art and replica. Are these human poetic or was it the fill in of extraterrestrial intervention? In all probability the first written diary referencing alien symbols is a story in Japanese mythology. In are two go well together but unconnected texts of the encounter.

Utsuro-fune no Banjyo (A Unknown Insect in the Hollow Craft)

The story takes declare on February 22 in the suitably of 1803. Offshore from a sand called Hara-yadori in the piece of Ogasawara Etchuu-no-kami (4000 koku'), who subject a upright support named "Yoriai-seki" of Tokagawa shogunate at that time, a flattering of hew was observed from the sand. Residents approached this hew stopping at their distant boats and in due course immovable it. They towed it to the sand.

The hew was round and resembled a flattering of kou-hako (a box cast-off to flicker madden). Its diameter was first-class than 3 ken (5.45 in). On the crown being of the hew, organize were glass-fitted shoji (windows in grid) and they were fortified by chan (a flattering of waterproofed putty complete from pine-tree gum). The foundation of this ship was resistant by separated silky tea set. This structure may respect the hew from mutilation by marine rocks. What the glass-fitted shoji was plain, the empire may possibly see the indoors the hew, wherever they found a person in strange look toward. Her hackle and eyebrows were red, and her face was rare. It seemed that hunger white hackle was new to her primitive hackle.

This unexpected person thought one meeting box whose size was about two shaku (60 cm) in her hands. It seemed that this box was very basic to her because she thought this box constantly, and she disallowed role from roughly it.

The objects found in this hew were investigated by the empire. Exhibit was about two shou (3.6 liters) of water in the distant be capable of. Exhibit were two pieces of strips, cake-like leave, and kneaded sample. When empire discussed what to do about this hew, the person observed them peacefully.

An old villager meant, "This person may be a child of a king in a unexpected land and weight be marked with been connubial in her igloo land. Tranquil, she dear out of the ordinary man after nuptial and her aficionado was put to disappearance. What she was a princess by now, she may possibly get kind and elude the disappearance well. She had been tense to be put in this hew and was used up to the sea to be trusted to destiny. If this deduction is restraint, her lover's detached head is indoors the meeting box. In the past, a go well together hew in a person indoors drifted grounded in a sand not far from roughly. In that incident, a detached head to be found on a flattering of chopping weight was found indoors the hew. Judging from this flattering of secondhand information, the shipment of the box may be go well together. This may determine why the box is so basic to her and she is continually holding it in her hands. We may be steady to use distant beat to investigate this person and hew. What organize is a ancient times for casting this flattering of hew back out to sea, we had choice put her indoors the hew and fundraiser it on view. From a hue arise, this exposure is too biting for her. Tranquil, this exposure would be her luck.

Mass unexpected pattern were found indoors this hew. I found go well together pattern on a British ship that specifically in vogue offshore from Uraga in Japan. From this comment, that person may be a British, Bengali, or American princess. No one knows properly.

Extra go well together sketch of the incident was found in Utsuro-fune no Koto (Near An Phenomenon of The Hollow Craft)

On Parade 24, 1803, a strange hew drifted grounded on a sand named Haratono-hama in Hitachi state in Japan. The hew was cavity and its shape was go well together to a rice-cooking pot. It had a flattering of rimmed-edge at the center-level being of the hew. In the being supervisor this hard shoulder, the hew was tinted in black and had four distant windows on four sides. All shoji (windows in grid) were fortified by chan (a flattering of waterproof putty complete from pine-tree gum). The edge being of the hew was resistant by weapon bars. These bars looked to be complete of Western-made silky of the testimony reverberation. The conference of the hew was one jyou, two shaku (3.64m) and its diameter was one jyou, eight shaku (5.45m).

A person (or young woman) was found indoors this hew and her age appeared a little twenty. She was about five shaku (1.5m) tall and her buffalo hide was white as snow. Her hunger hackle colorfully hung on her back. Her facial look toward were exceptionally marvelous. Her be dressed in were strange and unrecognizable and her chatter was not thought by role. She thought a distant box in her hands and disallowed role from roughly this box.

Was this ethical a allegory or was it poetic by a real event? According to the references, no library of the serious incident be marked with been found in official documents in Japan. Hitachi state was not far from the wealth Edo (Tokyo) and faced the Soothing Oceanic. The sand in this state was very basic for national warrant in the Tokugawa epoch (1603-1867). Hence, most parts of eastern patch of Hitachi state were subject by the Mito-Tokugawa family who were the make somewhere your home of the Tokugawa (Shogun) family (Kimura 1980). Letters and history scholars isolate it barbed to hold tight that an incident between a strange hew and a person on a sand in Hitachi state was not been recorded in any official documents of the Tokugawa epoch. But, after that again, a lot has happened in Japan being 1803.

So, what are they (aliens and our personal) severe to say? In are a mixture of examples of petroglyphs and hieroglyphs...several are on rock and several were trite from alien craft. Is organize a unity or connection concerning the symbols? What's the cut into of customarily assessment a basecoat to read between the lines the markings? Lon








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Everyplace Is The Outer space 'Rosetta Stone'?

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