Sunday, 18 August 2013

New Ufo Reports Feed From Mufon Added
We've added a new feature to the OM website: you can now see the latest MUFON headquarters UFO reports for Oregon at Latest Oregon Reports.

Please note that these reports directly from the public are the ones that our OM field investigators are assigned as cases. We OM field investigators then do our best to figure out what stimulus caused the reporting person to think their sighting might be of a genuine UFO. Sometimes we find that they've seen Venus or Sirius or Jupiter, or a train of Chinese sky lanterns, or an airplane under odd circumstances, or that the "witness" is perpetrating a hoax. We repeat: these are just "raw" reports from people in Oregon who think they've seen a genuine UFO.

But here's the good news: over the years, we have come to believe that something like as many as 40% or so of these reports from the Oregon public are actually of genuine UFOs the best that we can determine after our investigations are complete.

Anyway, have fun with this new addition to our website. Be aware that the text of the report and also any attached photos or even videos will download on this page. Photos and videos will greatly slow the download, so be patient. If you want to do your own searching of the MUFON HQ UFO report database you can.


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