Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Teton Crop Circle
Teton Idaho, 2002This is an event from the summer of 2002. This was the weekend that the movie SIGNS premiered, with crop circles as part of the plot.It was mid-day and I was at my desk doing the mundane stuff of my everyday life, and I had this sudden flash. I thought to myself: We need a crop circle here, that would be so fun, and it would really shake things up.This thought just emerged in my mind out of nowhere. And the idea seemed have a simple sort of playful tone. It was just a nice thought.The next day, I saw a friend on the street here in Driggs. We chatted for a little while and then she offhandedly added, "You know that a crop circle appeared in Teton last night."What?I was surprised, and I asked her for any details. She had actually just returned from visiting the circle. It was outside the little town of Teton Idaho just a few miles away. I realized that I needed to go visit this thing. And within minutes I bumped into another pal, a fellow named Jeff and told him about it. Without any hesitation, we both hopped in my little Subaru, and we drove to the area. Jeff has been a friend from my little town since I moved here, and he is a good sounding board for all things paranormal and conspiratorial. We are strangely similar in our fascination with this fringe stuff.When we arrive a the circle, there were a lot of cars parked along side the little country road, and a lot of people milling around. We looked up onto a gentle little hill and we saw an obvious pattern of circles in the field of wheat. We hop out of the car and we immediately meet a very attractive woman. We start talking and she says she is doing research. She has a series of little plastic ziploc bags filled with soil samples and crop samples all labeled and organized.Then, and this came out of nowhere, she announces that she is working on a book about UFO's. I was a little surprised, because she sort of changed the subject - and it was a topic I was extremely interested in. I asked what it was about, and she went on to say that it was a collection of curious and funny stories associated with the UFO phenomenon.Then she said something very interesting, "I am not sure of the title, but I know what I want the cover to look like. I want it to look just like a comic book cover from the 1950's with exaggerated hand-lettering and drawings of people reacting to flying saucers in a cartoony sort of way."She went on, "I know exactly what I want, but I haven't found an illustrator yet."With that, Jeff lets out a big belly laugh.I pull out my wallet and hand her my business card. I say, "Well, you don't have to look anymore, because I'm the guy."Now, I don't know how much you (the reader) knows about me and my illustration style, but EVERYTHING that I draw seems to look like it's stuck in a comic book from the 1950's complete with exaggerated hand-lettering. So, this was more than a little bit coincidental.Again, this synchronicity had a tone of playfulness.I encourage you to follow up with another blog. Read a story about this same crop circle by the researcher noted above, she describes seeing a small disc shaped UFO above the formation as she was making measurements. [click here] The post is dated March 3rd, 2009.And here's a link about this formation, [click here] for a write-up on the research from the UTAH UFO HUNTER'S website"

Credit: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

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