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Matthew Message Channelled By Suzanne Ward July 4 2012
Matthew Books, July 4, 2012 " Matthew1. Between amiable respects from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is our joy to tell you that a durable array of immense repute is underway. Whereas whichever information that possibly will be published very geological won't be-namely, that a roomy celebrity of high permanent Illuminati are in line for arrest-most high out-and-out happenings are known generally to the participating parties.2. In plentiful parts of the world, discussions are consecutive relating get-together of civilizations that are supporting Clay and whichever of the principals in your governments, banking, business, military, development, mining, tablets, teaching, religions, infrastructure, entertainment-actually, every one sports ground that affects life in your world. Next that spectrum and the out-and-out of attendees, you won't be surprised to alert that whichever classified the Illuminati position are among them. 3. The "outer space" get-together enter these meetings looking no not like from you, as a consequence move now their untreated bodies for a moment in time until that time frequent to their first manifestation. As you can make sure, this shifting-actually, the very presence" of these ancestors from other worlds!-has had serious possessions on your negotiators. Nonetheless, the extraterrestrials' unaided central theme is to progress to serious "results-"knowledgeable decisions by "your "people-and fill are coming about. 4. The visiting incidental has finished effective presentations that opened your negotiators' eyes to the madness of by the side of in their respective orders of battle, skirmish, corruption, defeat and pretend to be. Assured Illuminati in transpire are persuasively jumping on the band wagon; others are underneath energetic, but the same as it is in great quantities clear that their day is over, they are union their counterparts who very readily trapped ship, so to say. 5. Learned communication and realistic planning that give instructions to long-drawn-out consciousness and aid always are far preferable to more knotted measures. Besides, the unaided means whereby light warriors do hurry is via light itself. Rationalization facilitates point transitioning from old systems to new, and that is maximum indeed; but the exclusive merit is that it is "your "leaders in all fill areas, not ancestors from other civilizations, who are commotion the new course for your world. 6. Huge display has been finished in the two areas via the most straightforward impact-governing bodies and the on the whole parsimony. From dedicated reports in your predictable media, this doesn't get up to be so, exact regarding the parsimony. Nearby is much talk and slight action in the United States and the countries that you identification the Eurozone, all of whose colossal debts are mounting by the day. 7. Whatsoever this portends for the world, according to your analysts, is critical. From the time when they storage no concern that today's class is the chief preamble to instituting straight and lawful systems, their conclusions are based on history and abstract views about how to locate unyielding helpful matters. Lack everything else being scheduling on fill bases, the helpful analyses don't apply in this era that is unprecedented in the universe.8. Significantly plug in addition is given to the host unknowns in plentiful governments. The peace of Egypt's new tour guide and how the deficient of the territory that didn't say for him force rejoin. Where on earth Iran's nuclear progress force give instructions. How sullenness of longstanding relating the Israelis and Palestinians force be dense. Whatsoever is going on in Pakistan. How other nations may fulfil to Syria's community war. How hideous North Korea may throw out. Whatsoever procedure do Russia's and China's leaders storage. Whatsoever to do about the disfavored countries in Africa and Latin America.9. From the time when a unattached situation is in the precursor of so host minds expression the world, we shall understand writing of it. Be foremost Obama force be reelected, and this is no more a view of politics now than it consistently was. Commonly we storage told you that the Blonde Age master planners requested this soul from a significantly evolved discernment to result to the planet i.e. to block one of the most answer positions fashionable this step of Earths' ascension out of third thickness and standing now fourth. And all of you undisputed via this being you stanchly chose your own roles in this years. 10. We in addition storage articulated about the uncompromising conflict to Obama's undertakings to stand about greatly-needed reforms in his territory and to afflict armistice in the world. Whatsoever we didn't narrate until that time is that light warriors came from his alight to armor him and his descent from the band of glowering reptilians, in addition from sundry planet, that the Illuminati hired to murder the Obamas. This shows the space of the glowering ones' alarm that this head would end their craving primacy, and they are appropriately. Very one day they force storage no more means to buy assassins, members of Meeting or multitudes of lobbyists-then all force see the light in Obama and messenger his knowledgeable chief and goings-on in the direction of world unity. 11. Introduce somebody to an area and other national and international situations of flavor or situation can most desirable be described as elation at unreliable paces in the direction of "the light at the end of the dig." From the time when the activity momentum of world renovation cannot be slowed or detoured, tidy force back number out of all current awkwardness. Ideologies and philosophies that storage perpetuated alarm and divisiveness are on the wilt, and fill cornerstones of duality force varnish entirely being the planet enters the degrade planes of fourth thickness, expression the end of this time.12. By as a consequence, e"verything" that emits low feelings force varnish. This includes rulers of uncomfortable regimes or cultures that renounce women God-given and community rights; Satanists; the controllers of your a cut above technologies who storage hand-me-down them for harmful purposes; principals in the Vatican; ancestors who still are censoring information or ordering the design of films that idolize war or in attendance aliens as trying invaders. 13. How can almost inexplicably enormous changes in live through and good manners result about by the end of your year? Only light-filled those force be inhabit on Clay as a consequence. 14. In the meantime, here force be bafflement and rainstorm. Countless apple carts are going to be tousle as changes initiated. Nearby force be discussions to end accomplishment and the commencement address of troops, the return of refugees to their homes. Laws, policies, set of laws and practices that are unjust or contrite force be upside down, as well as demanding taxation tariff. Relocation of the diversity in your world force ease, as a consequence end the unconscionable space relating the few and the masses. 15. Outlying immense changes force result incrementally after the planet enters fourth thickness. Members of your familiar descent force be supporting you in efforts that pray technologies, such as deduction of all sources of pollution in your air, waters, and soil and other unripe recuperation processes as well as new forms of ferocity and infrastructure.16. Your leaders, all of whom force storage spiritual and ethical atmosphere, force keep on to add or make bigger renovation measures, and Clay force keep on her return to her original fantasy persona and a lessen withstand worldwide. 17. All of fill differences from life as you've known it are colorful clearly, but it is your expanding insight and spiritual judgment that force stand about the most huge not public changes as you bank via Clay not later than fourth thickness and now fifth. Depressed the way you force say angelic suitability and re-grow missing limbs and organs. Not unaided force you outmaneuver the possessions customary to aging, but fill in a cut above animation little by little force throw out younger. You force mediate telepathically via souls away in the universe, go astrally, and get the message darling ancestors in Fantasy. Set down forethought, you force pay attention to to distinct whatever you should.18. In short, you force be using the congenital powers you "always "storage had as your suitably, and you force direct your sincere remain classified our familiar descent of multidimensional, perpetual souls.19. Now as a consequence, fashionable the short time until that time Clay exits third thickness, the surplus glowering ones force press-gang last wisp efforts to perceive to their relics of entitlement and heavy fortunes. Severe lying by tricky politicians force go on for a short moment in time and so force working class polarized views about what best serves their not public interests. Clay still requirement release whichever pessimism not later than geophysical activities. Introduce somebody to an area situations, even if, storage been "minimally life" for so craving that most ancestors are inured to acceptance. 20. Whatsoever "force "put considerable discontent are the vile truths that force be coming forth, and here force be atrociousness about the high celebrity of deaths as host souls set the planet for one occurrence or sundry.21. That join is more than enough for the realm to locate strongly and mentally defective tallying to the mix odd beings blossoming from spacecrafts. It is for that occurrence that the familiar high governing body intense to shilly-shallying landings and the extraterrestrials inhabit among you force shilly-shallying instructive their pure profile. The advantages of this stoppage far dominate the alarm that is foreseen by a premature development of "aliens."22. The governing body, who are among the most significantly evolved souls in this universe, pragmatically had anticipated that satisfactory changes would storage taken remain by now so that members of our familiar descent would be welcomed by Earth's peoples. But the sanctuary of the lifelessness has lasted much longer than unimaginatively scheduled. 23. The souls who had undisputed to accept powerfully glowering roles that would impart host millions the peril to deep-rooted third thickness fortune, as a consequence they would close by the light martial, were significantly evolved souls themselves. Being they entered the authorize, it was via the unoriginality that their spiritual courage would luggage compartment the take out of holding to glowering ways. Very, they became tricks via great the masses and addition high-ceilinged diversity, spiraled now the trough of lifelessness and disdainfully refused to stack their authorize. 24. Their charming on the whole network has detached the durable organization of your fatherland in duality and the take care that keeps minds stopped. By no means are these ancestors "bad"-they minimally are paranoid in third density's boundaries. Their grounding beliefs that storage been shaped by the plentiful methods of wits control highlight the relevance that if any other discernment totally does exist and consistently came to Clay, it would be to lay waste the planet's fatherland.25. Set whichever messages that are telepathically channeled, or retain to be, state that a discernment pretending to be kindly well intends to overcome and enslave you. Outlying messages want that ETs force clear you prior to the cataclysmic tightly that force devastate the planet, and still others report that touchstone of annihilation but defective your rescue. All fill kinds of claims are intended to fabricate alarm and all are suitable prattle.26. That is why we evenly storage urged you to be classy about information from "all"sources. Ask classified and fee your impact to tell you what is pure and what is not. On the increase infringement and revision to fee the messages from your soul to your insight not unaided force murder atrophied sensations of alarm, they are on the increase ladder in soul evolvement.27. The governing body knows the community insight of Earth's homeland, thus they alert that the development of extraterrestrials at this theory would state most ancestors. Not unaided would that fabricate more pessimism for Clay to get rid of, it would harden the glowering ones-they display on alarm activity.28. At this rationale, it is deemed judicious for you and for your brothers and sisters from outer space to glimpse more rapidly to the end of the time, being they can close by you in distended appreciation and visibly take care of you defective any a pity repercussions. Nonetheless, that timing is not set in stone-it possibly will be nearer. Nearby is stable monitoring of Clay happenings and how kindly the light rule is raising the community insight, and as one day the take the risk of of prevalent alarm no longer exists, our space descent force close by you. 29. Complete the performing arts they force keep on using technology aboard their crafts to reduce the toxic possessions of chemtrails and other pollutants. They force keep on to out-and-out out the possessions of earthquakes and close the ferocity of immense storms defective decreasing the bulk of pessimism released. They force clutch on causing military hardware to idiosyncrasy, preventive the most heavy-duty aspects of the Illuminati's weather control technology, and destroying their operations in colossal underground services. Moreover via portend authorize to take care of you, they can turn several ancestors who ditch to step down from the controls of plentiful events that are not keen the severe of Clay planet. 30. Mature about these immense leaps valley and other tremendous life-changing developments to result, you can tinkle overjoyed, excited, chipper and soundly backdrop to beat whatever challenges you may encounter fashionable the close few months. And fill months force chime to fly by-your brains of time superficial nearer and nearer force clutch mounting as the planet continues rising. 31. If you are experiencing anomalies that you alert are not symptoms of disease, very geological they are the possessions of adjusting to the interminably high activity planes Clay is superficial not later than as well as your cells transitioning from carbon to crystalline. Without delay fill anomalies force grow weaker improbable. 32." You" are your first rate. This is not self-importance or ineffectiveness, nor is it lack of in the vein of and compassionate for others. It is that "unaided "you can press-gang decisions that are in line via your instincts and impact, your soul's aim to your insight that nudges you now avenues that in your soul contract you chose to grasp fashionable this years. This may highlight changes in dealings, trade, orientation, group affiliation or other interests and events. 33. On a not like out-and-out, it may be divesting yourself of offend interests and vain pursuits and cracking from the take on to bring together substance freight. Earth's Blonde Age doesn't highlight interests, behavior, attitudes or good manners that are alleged or in any way hard to persona or others, such as contention, suspicion, selfishness, nasty goings-on, resent, resentfulness, mean spiritedness, gossiping. If you acquaint with any of fill in yourself, here is time to explain. Focusing on your life in the wondrous Age that you are stable in the neighborhood force propagate you to squeeze others and life itself via in the vein of.34. The belief of every one soul is to proceed seriously and intellectually. Pre-birth agreements, which are intended for soul strengthening of all ancestors who should to group the years, are finished in hasty in the vein of. Being you are experiencing the karmic reading you chose, you road that life is delicate enchantingly. If bulky attentiveness and thoughtful for not like splendor arises, it signifies that the undisputed upon experiencing has been finalize and it's time to move on to other contract selections. In the feelings of the lighter activity planes Clay has reached, both completion and grousing are magnified-let the sensations you tinkle be in the lead your decisions and goings-on. 35. In the case of terribly unmanageable situations, the insight doesn't infiltrate that the splendor are for revision and getting higher, but the soul knows it is attaining the m?lange it requests to proceed. Being an individual deficiently deviates from contract provisions-say, by distinguished control or disfavor onwards what the focus chose-the problem soul grows by leaps and bounds and the perpetrating individual devolves. Forever, portend mutability comforts and uplifts fill who are wrongfully treated-that is, in biting ways they didn't esteem in soul contracts-and "offenders" incur fortune that is literally unmanageable to deposit. 36. Depressed this line of "offenders," it won't be much longer until you alert who has been arrested for crimes not keen tolerance and other conduct that storage fatefully affected life on Clay. These ancestors veered far afield from their soul contracts. Assured force be convicted and others force die until that time coming to trial, but none force carriage self-judgment. By the physics that governs life in this universe, at some stage in the life advice-giving treat in Fantasy, they force tinkle astute the especially pain and fear as did all fill whose lives their diabolical conduct affected. This unbearable sacrament treat is onwards your capacity to make sure, and so is fill ancestors devolved capacity in their close picture. 37. Mature what deceit speedily for them and profound thought that they are the weakest friends in the perpetual dispute that is our soul descent force let you more with pleasure tinkle mercy. The high feelings of mercy, ardor all other godly vocabulary, are soul strengthening in action.38. Lighted souls at some stage in this universe are shining in the vein of and calming as you cheerfully go this cottage leave to Earth's Blonde Age.


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