Saturday, 1 February 2014

Black Triangle Sighting In Bailey Colorado On August 23Rd 2013 Brilient Redish Lights Like In Illinois
BLACK TRIANGLE SIGHTING IN BAILEY, COLORADO ON AUGUST 23RD 2013 - BRILIENT REDISH LIGHTS LIKE IN ILLINOISI have observed this event many times in the last year along with my family and have finally decided to come forward with it as i thought it maybe just a wierd coincidence but than after ayear decided to report it i am at my parents house we all have noticed it and have been like what the hell is that on most occations it is a tringle shale just like the illinois events by tinley park I have tried recording it a few times but everytime my phone cant zoom enough or i cant keep it steady enough to observe it clearly one min u will be watching the object and it just disappears than just like it disappeared it re apears2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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