Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Obama May Release The Secret Ufo Files
Here is an Interesting story for you.. Many special interest groups have been appealing to the NEW PRESIDENT OBAMA ABOUT THE DISCLOSURE OF THE SECRET UFO FILES once and for all. Whether he does it or not we will soon find out. However many believe that even the secret ufo files may have been tampered with and so disclosure is just another form of possible ridicule. What do you think? Should Obama bring out these files that may answer many UFO investigation questions and if so do you think it will be possibly be another area that could be manipulated to hide the full truth.? "THE MAIN QUESTION I ASK MYSELF IS THIS, IF I WAS THE PRESIDENT AND IF I DID HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OR ACCESS OF ALL THESE TRUTHS WOULD IT LOSE MY PEOPLES TRUST BY ME SUBMITTING AND SHOWING REAL EVIDENCE OF ALIEN ENCOUNTERS? OR WOULD IT MAKE MY LEADERSHIP LESSER OR HIGHER?" Tags: ufo sight ufo crash moon ufo filmek extra beings murray alien ufo water images roswell mexico alien base real life real ailen nasa ufo images


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