Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Im An Aviation Geek And I Looked At It And I Was Like It Doesnt Look Like Airplanes New Ufo Sightings 42
4/3 UPDATE: Turns out these UFOs were just Chinese lanterns. New series coming called "Cool shit or bull shit?" where we can sort out all the hoaxes, natural phenomenon, disinfo, etc... stay tuned!

So, I'm really behind on new UFO sightings - very sorry! But I will have many updates to come, Twitter UFO sightings and MUFON reports included. Anyways, I couldn't pass up this one, no matter how busy.

Here's a Chicago local news report (ABC7) about a mysterious collection of lights, moving in unique formations, on the south side of the city. Two of the anchor men, an aviation and meteorology geek, were in awe of this latest UFO sighting. What do "you" guys think?

Is this another set of road flares attached to weather balloons...or a sophisticated light show...or any of the long list of "excuses" getting thrown around lately for these unbelievable sightings? Multiple residents saw this, which of late is nothing special...consider what's been going down in places like Colorado, Utah, PENNSYLVANIA, and really around the world!

Well, stay tuned - I've been in touch with Comet Elenin's discoverer, Leonid Elenin, and even one of his cohorts, so I'VE GOT AN UPDATE ON ALL THE PLANET X STUFF coming soon, along with of course the usual posts. While you're waiting on that, check out this super awesome article on Helium.com about the current status of the comet - it's THE FAIREST, MOST WELL-ROUNDED STORY I'VE COME ACROSS YET.

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