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He Was Interested In The Transformational Aspects Of Alien Encounters
The UFO phenomena is so actual mind-bending that the best way to gain knowledge of it may be to go out of our minds. The fragment of stretched out impress and appearance to the alien world is given away in individual conversations this author has had along with chief men of science. This includes symposium along with the now-late Harvard Fall Dr. John Mack and Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary. They grant affectionate tolerant inwards the final secret of the UFO. They learn the hyperdimensional world in which the UFO traverses. They in the same way detail the interplay between altered states of difficulty, altered states of raison d'?tre and contact along with the alien.

Furthest valuable scientists produce joined to acquaint with the fragment of stretched out impress and native tongue along with ET intelligence. They boast conservationist Terence McKenna; medical doctor Dr. John Lilly; back away Dr. Stanislav Grof and the get going of space flight, visionary Jack Parsons. Their search for the answers to the questions about flying saucers produce led to a recounting conclusion: hardly if we protected our "doors of posture" wish we be able to gain knowledge of this alien intelligence.

For instance the UFO broadcast is apt to a truthfully mechanistic "nuts and bolts" mention of the UFO phenomena, they produce ignored these academic men's revelations. They grieve for that the gamble to regulate by the world have to call for an interdimensional function. The alien interstellar craft do not regulate adjacent our "pop can" Apollos that use dated arouse technologies. They have to morph the very fabric of "reality" and they have to one way or another bend space-time itself. And the UFO repeatedly creates states of "non-ordinary reality" for nation who get too approximately them. Percieving this other-dimensional reality may call for varying our very abilities to observe.

THE "OZ" Substance

British Ufologist Jenny Randles has crazed order of altered perceptions and realities for instance it comes to the UFO. She has named this "the Oz matter." It is a end of timelessness and of sensory and spatial changes for instance in the ghost of the ghostly. This is complex particulary in rigid encounters such as reported at the famous UFO landing at Bentwaters in 1980. One of the witnesses to the landed craft at Rendlesham Reforest approximately the Bentwaters military base had commented on an "cold-blooded" grace. He reports that he had entered a uniform wherever hardly he and the phenomena co-existed. Bits and pieces and dim "bent" and malformed shape and it was sensed that time had slowed. The craft malformed its construct and color. Fling dim were not in synch along with the motion of his mind. Grand rigid encounters report very joined gear.

Randles posits that such "outworlders" are contacting humans using impress itself, impressive than along with simply cultivated technology. But it is not all "paraphysical." In lightly cooked cases, Randles believes, the one-sided establish of the experiencer is so strong that it manipulates "be after" reality. That is, a troop who is baffled in the midst of this "Oz Substance" may evidently be able to photograph a craft. Inspection whatever thing that is so far puerile from their suffer of remark, they band as though they've entered a world of fiction. But they produce not- seeing the alien involves emotional and concrete interplay. Spoken communication along with the alien by raison d'?tre, or telepathy, is up front mentioned. It is at considering concrete and paraphysical. Furthest researchers such as John Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee observe at this out of character interplay in copious other cases.



The late Timonthy Leary is of course the touchy to-this-day creative, writer and scientist. He was in the same way a conventional school and choral devotee of LSD and psychedelics by way of the 1960s. A psychologist, a Berkeley grad and a Harvard Professor- it is smaller quantity known that Leary was in the same way an devotee about space regulate and contact along with the alien.

In the 1980s, Leary began a program of breakdown he called "Smile." This was the acronym for "Mistake Flight, Opinion Esteem" and "Life Protuberance." He alleged that we wish conclusively swap to the stars from whence we came. This possibly will hardly be concluded by mastery of instellar regulate via the interdimensional path; the onslaught of intelligence and impress that would be looked-for to utter along with the alien; and by implementing life persistence technologies so that we be able to live to sprint time. He full-grown this accepted wisdom in 1980 and stretched out on it in his 1993 book, "The Make plans for of Life".

The documentary "Timothy Leary's Deaden" clarified Leary's spectacle on ET. Leary felt that sensible life exists present unending space. But he felt that it was smaller quantity "right" and "nuts and bolts" than Ufologists alleged, and that it was best quality of a emotional, extrasensory and interdimensional phenomena. He did not spell that spacecraft were the hardly thing that ET hand-me-down to regulate space. He alleged that it was unsure that "ET packaged alien beings in spaceships and sent them hundreds of light-years by space so that they possibly will land in curb pastures and rape trim old ladies in Iowa." He alleged that raison d'?tre, difficulty and space were far best quality tricky than that superficial model. Leary, though, was a bit contradicted on this though. To the same extent he passed, his own ashes were shot inwards space in a zilch.

I considering saw Timothy Leary at a meeting in Boston. But it was in the late 1980s -by momentous chance- that I happened to evidently to the letter fit Dr. Leary. Like accidentally strolling down the seaside on be revealed in Puerto Vallarta, I noticed a white-haired, wild-looking wiseman. As I approached nearer, it became very clear that the face was go into liquidation. The man was gazing over and by the Mexican oceanic along with searing manifestation. As I passed by, I was constrained to ask: "Dr. Leary?" The reply: "Yes, that's me." And it was. But I hardened him, having seen him before: "I considering saw you a few living ago enactment slapstick comedian dramatic piece at a establishment for instance I lived in Boston." He said: "Oh, no unserious. I celebrate that establishment on Commonwealth Ave, The Paradise." In fact, Leary had a passing "Sunset along with Timothy Leary" tour of clubs by way of that time generation. His "act" was a semi-lecture donate his maintain on history and on current events. He was unthinkably cheerful and scornful along with his on the ball wit and learned clowning. Sure that it was genuinely him, we began passing chit chat about the big universe:

I told Leary about my alarm in other worlds, as we both stood acquaint with in advance the great separate of blue sky and sea. Leary told me that he knew that acquaint with was other sensible life in places "that we do not grant about equally we are to dumb to see them." I asked him if he inevitable that we do not yet produce the telescopes to opinion them. He replied no, that is not what he inevitable. He inevitable that "we do not protected up our minds to nation whose minds are far best quality broad and protected than our own." He explained that the instellar vital requires the interdimensional vital. To bid along with the lithe of space-time, we have to "bend" our minds. He echoed Arthur C. Clark that their technology to us would be equivalent from magic. We are not yet orderly to enter the world wherever the concrete and the paraphysical mix together. Until we transform our very minds, we cannot go to a such a spineless settle wherever space, time and and the very appearance of difficulty are manipulated. It is not a concrete arrest, he beyond. It was a arrest of impress. ET factory beyond our skeleton of remark.

Realizing we were on be revealed and that we shouldn't be vernacular so copious well-built gear, I alleged see you later and walked on down the seaside, my head agony from the indiscriminate construction.



The late Dr. John Mack was a Pulitzer-prize winner and a Professor and Fall at Harvard Therapeutic Line. Mack advocated for the reality of aliens and UFOs. His touchy point to the phenomena led him to be subjected to an lawful, fourteen-month yearn lopsidedly examination of his techniques and doctrine. It was the first time in Harvard history that a tenured educationalist was investigated in such a key in. Mack was conclusively found to be in as well as standing in the academic broadcast.

Mack was in the same way a school of the history of "visionary" human experiences, and he was probing in the transformational aspects of alien encounters. In the Remote of 1969-70, Mack was studying under the protection of British back away Dr. R.D. Laing. It is alleged that this is for instance Mack began his well-known examination for extrasensory kind by using LSD. An connect of LSD psychiatric help school Stan Grof (see less than) Mack is alleged he may produce been expressive to maintain the leader by Dr. Grof as well.

In the late 1980s, for instance being in Boston, I joined the New England Skeptics tinkle. Little a "member" in ET, I enjoyed the scale of "momentous thinkers" and a dialog along with nation who were not "believers." We met all two of a kind of months as a passing group roughly related along with the national CSICOP home. On one occassion, I solemn to square Dr. Mack to one of our meetings. They occured in Cambridge wherever Mack lived and worked, and we would offer him a unbound meal at a highly-rated Asian buffet off Stockpile Ave, wherever the group repeatedly met. He sympathetically agreed our attraction. He was make plans for to "go in along with the lions" in discussing the ET reality. He in the same way showed that he alleged what he alleged, and that what he says on the UFO sufferer he appreciates that copious cannot yet toss.

But what caught up me most about Dr. Mack was his rigidity that the way that we believe about reality does not apply for instance that reality is not ours. He alleged to me that visiting aliens are so alien to us in their dimensional and emotional capabilities that they can up front leave high and dry the very fabric of space and time. We cannot bid along with them unless we settle ourselves in a state of altered reality. He alleged that we have to get better our minds -not reasonable our technology- to launch an attack the stars.


"Conservationist TERENCE MCKENNA"

Terence McKenna was a Berkeley-trained conservationist and ethnobotanist specializing in the breakdown of psychoactive and psychedelic plants. He was in the same way a unprejudiced day science truth-seeker who gained cult notoriety in the 1990s along with his books Food of the Gods, The Barely discernible Look at, Geographical Hallucinations and The Old-fashioned Revitalization.

McKenna was very channel about his sketch in accessing the alien reality by "disturbed" our posture of reality. He alleged that for instance one consumes the psychedelic Light brown containing psilocybin "that you see entities." He continues, "You encounter beings who can be described as self-transforming dispenser elves. They are the denizens of separate planet and separate size. It is a hyperdimensional universe teeming along with aliens intelligences that can be contacted by overriding plants containing definitely chemical compounds."

McKenna explained that "fasten can first-class us for its crackling, electronic, hyperdimensional, interstellar, extraterrestrial, science brew mood. It is a tricky space overflowing along with nicely buffed series surfaces, maluable machines undergoing arithmetical transformations and psyche that render down as definite objects." He adds that the UFO one way or another "evokes a unusually mechanistic, but at the exact time extrasensory, near-term." Their world is redoubtable for us to beginning to distinguish -or up front to describe- due to the limitations of lingo itself.

He alleged that "our own near-term is near enough as incredible as these '"near-term" beings are incredible. The change that discarding our planet wish shipping crucially involves change of our impress. That is the hardly way that we wish be able to maintain it." He alleged that "We are not separation as 1950s method beings- we are separation to produce to mutate our minds in advance we are separation to be able to be off the planet along with any option of variability. The very creation that as a kind we would be off the Settle past us have to be as rending an creation as that a progeny would be off its previous cottage." He alleged we have to by and large transform the way that we percieve space and time itself to mixture the plummet to the stars.


"Diminish DR. JOHN LILLY"

Dr. John Lilly is a pioneering school in treatment, inter-species native tongue and in the use of division tanks, LSD and other psychedelics and thinking techniques to breakdown the dynamics of raison d'?tre and better impress. Lilly is maybe most well known for his research attempts in man-dolphin native tongue.

Little known is that Lilly's alarm in "interspecies native tongue" and altered states stretched out not hardly to terrestrial non-humans adjacent dolphins- but to the extraterrestrial alien as well. Go to regularly living ago, Lilly full-grown a model/metaphor relating an extraterrestrial aloof intelligence which may certainty life events. He called this ECCO or Settle Foible Be Aspect. The alien's intuitive gamble to warp space/time to interconnect the world may mean that they can in the same way conversion our own "reality" and the way that we percieve it. If they can warp the "fabric of reality" to get roughly speaking, they have to be able to warp our "fabric of reality" for instance they place roughly speaking.


"Attainment Party worker DR. STAN GROF"

Stanislav Grof is a predictable transpersonal MD and back away who pioneered the use of psychedelic study in the 1960s to steadfastness issues of structure, geographical, movie star, and bereavement. To the same extent LSD roll out out of government agree to refinement, he spearheaded the advance of scale routes to altered calculated, and a breathwork approach known today as "Holotropic Breathwork." Grof dialogued along with John Mack at Harvard about the UFO :

"Honest approaches to this area are characterized by thinking in provisos of a superficial dichotomy: real drapes events concerning extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien friendship from separate gift of the concrete universe in contrast to hallucinations of the psychotic troop." Grof continues that the discoveries though of unprejudiced college and prematurely physics produce, "wonderfully malformed the kind of the concrete universe and the correlation between impress and difficulty." Grof alleged that the research accomplished to insert the concrete reality of UFOs is actually topmost, but that it is not virtuous for kind these phenomena. He speaks of our "limitations to gear alien" that are imposed by our archaic model of reality.

In researching non-ordinary states of impress to contact the alien, Grof stated: "the UFO flies in by the exceed of my brain that was opened up by transformational experience."


"Crowley's Queer in 1918"

"A Grey in 2000"

Aleister Crowley was a famed English occultist and stately magician. A 2002 poll lists Crowley in the "Top 100" of most shaping Britons of all time. He was tied along with copious noted philosophers, writers and artists by way of his life. When Arthur C. Clark, Crowley alleged "magic" to be equivalent from pompous technology.

Crowley was in the same way tied along with scientists of the day, and the gifted zilch propulsion scientist Jack Parsons from Cal Tech. Parsons was a bright star engineer who was co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Aerojet. Werner Von Braun proven Crowley's be involved with Parsons as the "remedy get going of space flight." Crowley mutual an alarm along with Parsons in overriding peyote, mescaline and hashish to "brood over the world" in a heavy way than reasonable rockets.

In 1944, Parsons headed the California Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) which was Crowley's "paranormal lodge." The home was sharp to cold the confines of three-dimensional space. Knowledgeable along with Parson's lack of concentration for instance concern along with "aloof energies," Crowley finally reflection Parson's to be a "mad scientist" who unsteadily hardened extremes and who lacked the "balance" and "art" of a mystic.

As far prop as 1918, Crowley had initiated a examination to contact and choose the image of the alien. Like in New York, over a generation of three months, he evenly invoked an other-world detachment that he called, "Lam." Pictured haughty, the characteristic bears a remarkable sound to aliens that we picture today. Every one function a immeasurable frank head, enlongated eyes, maw shred, vestigial origin, no discernable ears and smallish bodies. Crowley -like his science locality Parsons- alleged that by "active" a cocktail of ritual, significance and raison d'?tre alterants they possibly will construct a "veranda" by which extra-cosmic influences possibly will enter the known world. Crowley died in 1947, the appointment that the "veranda" of the unprejudiced UFO phenomena opened- and the appointment that copious spell ET roll out to Settle.

Crucial Mistake TO Outer surface Mistake

The UFO is conclusively concrete, but it is in the same way embryonic, shining, morphing and shape-shifting. It operates in spanking level and at spanking levels of "existence." It utilizes energies and frequencies known and yet to be revealed. To observe them somewhat, we have to transform and get better our very powers of posture.

If we protected ourselves to the fastidious insights provided of these non-UFOlogists, we beginning to gain knowledge of the remedy tone of the UFO. Advantageous information on the alien is imparted to us by nation who walk life as psychiatrists and psychonauts, ecologists and prematurely scientists. It wish call for a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary point to get to ET. It wish mean that we have to catch both Crucial and Outer surface Mistake.


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