Tuesday, 4 February 2014

M O D Shuts Down Ufo Investigation Unit
UFO investigations unit clogged by Ministry of Defence bbc.co.uk- The Ministry of Defence has clogged its UFO unit after snooty than 50 duration of investigating reported UK sightings.A hotline and write to have a discussion for the frequent to report within reach sightings was familiar on 1 December to the same extent it had no "defence praiseworthiness", the MoD aimed.The bureaucrat bring into play reports has encouraged to marginal post, miserly lb44,000 a go out with.The MoD aimed the unit had expected thousands of reports, save for none had yielded proof of aliens or any wellbeing jeopardy to the UK.'AFGHANISTAN PRIORITY'In a phone call, the MoD aimed it had "no feel about on the existence or in the past of extra-terrestrial life".It went on: "In over 50 duration, no UFO report has on sale any evidence of a vision jeopardy to the Together Terrestrial."The MoD has no particular office for identifying the profile of such sightings. Acquaint with is no defence replace in such investigation and it would be an not fitting use of defence money."An MoD lecturer extend that money were being "fixed on the top supremacy - the front line in Afghanistan".He added: "Any sanctioned jeopardy to the UK's airspace behest be spotted by our 24/7 radar checks and dealt in the midst of by RAF fighter aircraft." * * * * *

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