Monday, 3 February 2014

Dr Jonathan Reed Full House Footage Alien Exam Enhanced
(original+enhanced) -Alien Exam.-Best Evidence of Alien Contact in The History of Mankind-Case of Dr.Jonathan Reed-This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Jonathan Reed,his alien encounter originated on October 15, 1996, in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle near Snoqualmie Pass. While still in the mountains,Dr. Jonathan Reed came across the creature by accident while he and his dog were hiking in the forest. For unknown reasons his dog apparently attacked the creature. The creature, in reaction to the dog attacking it, began to defend itself. Dr.Jonathan Reed, seeing his dog was losing the battle with the creature, picked up a large tree branch and struck the creature in the head. Thinking he had killed it - he eventually ended up bringing the creature home.
The following is a brief synopsis of the forensic evidence presented by Mr. Harold Chacon. an indepent cellular biologist and Ph.D. candidate on the Art Bell show, December 9th, 1999.-- Four tissue samples and one 'blood' sample were delivered to Harold Chacon in a medical, nitrogen-cooled sample container. Each sample was wrapped in linen gauze. The samples were delivered to Mr. Chacon in June of 1999. Dr. Reed took the samples during his 1996 examination of the creature with his friend Gary. The samples were taken from the head wound inflicted by Dr. Reed. The blood sample was taken from fluids draining from wound. The tissue samples were cut from the edges of the wound. The samples were small - say one fifth the size of a pencil eraser. This particular set of samples was preserved by Gary and given to Jonathan by people that are currently taking care of Gary. Gary had previously sent the samples to his caretakers unbeknownst to Jonathan shortly after the 1996 examination. They were recovered during a reunion with Gary early in 1999. A transmission microscope survey, an electron scanning microscope survey and a gel electrophoresis chromosome analysis were performed using the samples. Tissue Sample 1 and 2: These two tissue samples contained skin and attached muscles. The skin resembles the superficial fascia of human skin. It is more elastic than human skin and has no hair nor hair follicles. The subcutaneous tissue has about one half as many sebaceous or fat producing glands as does human skin. Mr. Chacon stated that the skin is not like any earth animal although it is something like reptile skin. The muscle tissue resembles the occipital frontalis muscle of a human but is a yellowish-pinkish color instead of the normal gray color found in humans. Another intersecting muscle resembling the temporal fascia muscle similar to a human's was also discovered. The muscle tissues were found attached to the skin. These samples are not like tissues from any known earthly species. The Fluid Sample: The fluid sample had become desiccated and was rehydrated prior to analysis. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrogen gases were found in the sample. Extremely high traces of copper sulfate were also found. White and red corpuscles with an elevated nucleus were discovered as well. None of the material is like known earthly blood material. A Gel electrophoresis study was performed using the red cells to determine the chromosome makeup. The sample revealed 46 chromosomes, just like a human and all but nine of these chromosomes are shared with humans. The nine dissimilar chromosomes are somewhat like those found in dolphins and certain sea tortoises. No record of chromosomes like these could be found in any database searched by Mr. Chacon and his colleagues. When asked if there was any way to hoax the chromosome samples, Mr. Chacon replied that there is no possible way to create them using any known earthly technology. Tissue Sample 3 and 4: The last two samples contain brain matter. One sample resemble the insulating bag that cushions the brain from the skull. The tissue lining resembles reptilian tissue but contains strange structures not found in any earth species. Some tissue of the exterior of the brain itself was found attached to the lining sample. It contained very unusual structures as well. These structures appear to be large nerve bundles that emerge from the within the brain and loop back down into it. Neither brain tissue sample resembles any known tissue ever discovered. 2 views 0 comments



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