Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Brazil Government To Record Ufo Sightings For Researchers
Brazilian UFO watchers have welcomed the decision to make such information public.Brazil's government has ordered its air force to officially record any sighting of unidentified flying objects. A government decree said all military and civilian pilots as well as air traffic controllers should register any UFO sightings with the national aerospace defence command. The information will be stored in the national archives in Rio de Janeiro.It will be made available to researchers, including those seeking evidence of extraterrestrial life. Anything unusual that is seen, photographed or video filmed in Brazil's immense air space will now have to be reported and catalogued.But the air force said it would limit itself to collecting information, and would not be chasing UFOs."Air force command does not have a specialized structure to carry out scientific experiments on these phenomena and will limit itself to recording any events" the air force said in a statement.Original story


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