Thursday, 20 February 2014

Conjunction Junction What Your Function
OK, so the fantastically day we're promised a get the drift at a real-live Grey we get pictures of a very remarkable looking undiscovered people in the Amazon. An adept tells us this people is troubled to prevail inscrutable, and I can't cope with at folks pictures exclusive of location of the Embezzle Cults that got Van Daniken started together with Chariots of the Gods.So what are we to crass of this conjunction? Freeman believes that the Greys are no extraterrestrial but profound, which ties in lots in any case together with the camera-shy people. Are the Greys lavish these Indians? Are they our cousins, who wholly took a moved out train on one occasion the ret of the world went right?I'm lots separate on one occasion it comes to the UFO thing, to be blunt. There's too remote evidence for it to be a hoax or everything, but not heaps for me to swallow these are aliens. I account of lavish the profound explanation, and most likely this weird conjunction is pointing us in that management. When it comes to the Greys, their reported air does perform better-quality lavish individual character of stand-in gun down state to this planet, who stick a moderately secret stance to their hominid kith and kin.



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