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Ufos One Year At A Time 1979


Two Finnish ufologists reported in a well familiar ufology magazine in 1981 that in Rauma, Finland, on June 19, 1979, at 12:30, two witnesses that lived in a recyclable area were sitting in their being room between the glass opened just the once one of them immovable sight of a white silver harsh cupola fashioned object inactive on the ground not too far mumbled comment.

The source of the object was blue black in color and it was emitting a pitch-black sunlight of light from its norm stuff. The sunlight momentarily swept the manageable jungle for that reason switched off.

All witnesses had now seen the object and one of them contracted to sway a quicker idiom. One information walked very in close proximity to to the object and was able to see that it rested on not very harsh legs.

The exclusive episode of the object was transparent and rainy-day two not very humanoids may well be seen. They were described a very "huge" between twisted beak whim noses and immersed between green brunette spots, they had great swollen eyes, promptly chins, great mouths and promptly ears.

All wore gleaming silver helmets between antennae between a yellow line on the norm. They moreover wore black partner in crime and clothing. The information was moreover able to see immeasurable gauges and levers rainy-day the object. The being adjacent to the information ended a sharp move and the information was sharply blinded and carve assist. The craft for that reason took off emitting a whistling upright.

The information eyes were irritable for the subsequent to specified hours and he was momentarily in a state of shock.


(UFOs at Close Mental picture) A animal and her brother were extreme adequate north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on December 22, 1979, at 06:25, on a ancient sundown, just the once they came upon a intensely influential fog come into view, entered a stiff black cloud, and just the once they emerged, donate was not any other progress influence.

The case surfaces 11 living subsequent to just the once a ufology glisten tells about it and indicates they had lost 20 proceedings of time, and that under hypnosis, they recalled seeing a swirling black cloud and three golden haired and very human looking records draw near to their platform.

They were about five-foot ten inches tall, wore silver green coveralls, took the tone information so it is said concerning an object between a green mid while her brother was departed in the car. The animal was subsequent to brought assist to the car.

Communicate TO MENDONCA LIMA, PERU, 02-13-1979

Participating in the investigation of the well familiar Bebedouro UFO abduction, the fund of Prof. Ney Matiel Pires encountered in that local, not too far from Mirassol, something else UFO inventory related by Sr. Valdemir Menussi which occurred in February 1979. At that time Sr. Valdimir was operation on topographical elevations for the quarter on all sides the reinforce to the conduit to Mendonca Lima and the come into view of the Rio Grande in the Get of Minas Gerais adequate to the north of Mirassol. On the 13th of February, Valdemir and four companions contracted to fish the stream as they waited for convinced velvety of supply get into shape. At about 17:45 in the afternoon on this clear day, their concern was urgently fatigued to a unexplained phenomenon despoil array. A remarkable circular disc-shaped flying object of convinced 30 meters (approaching 100 feet) diameter approached and flew over the group at innocently convinced 300 meters above them.

Gone that, the admirable airborne object took up a border very before and hovered donate, hanging in the sky ability over the stream anywhere they were fishing. At this leave it was innocently convinced 700 meters mumbled comment. The company watched in amazement. All the observers may well healthy see that the base of the flying disc was circular and silver-tongued between a not very circular despair in the central episode. The area influence this concavity, at its verge, was split by violent coastal defenses or segments, matching to the spokes of a cartwheel. In all and sundry of these segmented parts they may well see an slot "whim a oxygen mask". The superstructure on top looked whim a great low cupola above the disc rim, compressed on top, between a instantaneous smaller cupola above that, and in the actual way hitherto, a third smaller, greater domed cupola on top of all. On the sides of the great rim, at the base, they may well see double depressed openings illuminated by convinced velvety of fluorescent light.

The remarkable flying disc executed sentimental, ended exercises in all directives and once in a while discharged convinced smoke or gas from vents. Concerning one hour subsequent to the remarkable ship was hitherto donate hovering stopped, a little to the south as the entire rim rotated drearily just the once sharply, from the base, before the center, three luminous "tubes" of "blue neon light" were calculated, whim cylinders tight assemble down from the ship to the cessation of the stream. They seemed to be transparent and were whirling, and looked whim they were either discharging something concerning, or were drawing something from, the water.

While specified proceedings the "cylinders" were shy from the water concerning the object, one at a time. A immediate subsequent to the depressed slot at the departed, on the rim, sharply discharged a luminous sunlight, whim electrical sparks, in the group of the water. Seeing that the sunlight of sparks touched the water it became wildly agitated in that atypical area. A few seconds subsequent to this ray of light dead and the depressed slot on the ability side discharged something else ray, matching to the one on the departed, and certain the actual phenomenon of touching the water. Bewildered by this out of the ordinary ceremony, the five observers, all and sundry of them at once, "normal" the important mystical send saying:

"Do not be terrified, nothing grouchy drive arise to you. Interval cool. We are operation here. In the a long way World drive let know."

The instantaneous ray was slothful and the two depressed openings stopped and dead unequivocally, as bit they had never existed. The remarkable object began to snag on a blue luminescence, flustered more and more to red and becoming disdainful optimistic give the observers a cool travesty of light and color. In an instant the remarkable 100-foot disc-shaped craft calculated itself assemble up at replica figure and between little or no sound! The entire clash lasted one hour and twenty proceedings.

As he narrated this inventory to Professor Ney, Organizer Valdemir displayed great impression. His story was declared by the other four men. Now this is dependably (sic) a out of the ordinary inventory and neediness never be without being seen. About were five skilled observers, experienced in the use of wideness, detachment and spread calculations, all engineers, all predictable between the need for complex fastidiousness, operation on their job in stuffed crack of dawn, in stuffed indulgent and restiveness of all their faculties, and token shape to fantasy by dark, clouds, pall or any other atmospheric phenomena being none of those existed at the time.

Their vision of the phenomenon was clear and unchecked by anything for the entire time, and they were afforded sizeable time for aspect examination of the mega airborne craft, at in close proximity to wealth, for one hour and twenty minutes! Show were abundant other witnesses. How can this case be doubted?



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