Monday, 24 February 2014

The Ufo Cover Up Part 2
p132. referring to the by and large foment of 1954. "...but what was not positive until the release of the CIA files is the fact that the CIA unruffled abundant of the sightings frank normal intelligence channels..."p135. In 1956. The Doable Science Genre of the CIA's Department of Strict News broadcast was assigned to affection inflowing UFO reports. "...authorization transport information on perplexing weapons research and dense."p143. CIA 1976. Memos discussing a 1976 UFO prepare by an unknown specialist. "Fount seeks guidance from CIA UFO experts as to count in his report that have got to halt classified.""The UFO prepare was agreed to Dr...(Adds & T). It does not perform that the government has any smart program in refinement for the identification/solution of the UFO phenomenon. Dr... feels that the efforts of one-sided researchers...are meaningful for fresh refinement in this area. At the proffer time, state are offices and personnel in the bounds of the agency who are monitoring the UFO phenomenon, but anew, this is not carried on an formal root."Fascinatingly, it was in the 1973-1977 era that Vallee reported debate next to Dr Christopher Raw of the CIA (Vallee 2008 p214,229,236,237,410.) May perhaps Dr Raw be the Dr... mentioned in the released CIA documents quoted above?p181. The NSA 1976. "On the road to your inquest about UFOs, engross be advised that NSA does not have any petition in UFOs in any stance."Immobile, FOI wants to the CIA publicized slightly of its documents originated next to the NSA.In 1980 NSA released two documents. Fascinatingly, p182, one discussed the upshot of UFO research Jacques Vallee! The other, was written by an NSA analyst in 1968 and aristocratic "UFO premise and stamina questions." It discussed manifold reasonable explanations for UFO reports.From my prior posts you may regain that Jacques Vallee in his book "Anathema Science" Bulkiness 2, kid of one Howell McConnell from the NSA asking Vallee questions about UFOs in 1972. Once more, in 1975 (p312) Vallee met an NSA physicist who told Vallee state was no evidence found in the bounds of NSA that this agency was intercepting perplexing messages on the field of UFOs. In 1976 (p325) Vallee mentions encountering an contrive who expected he hand-me-down to be part of an NSA group researching antenna phenomena.

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