Monday, 24 March 2014

Astronaut Gordon Coopers Sighting A Ufo Has Landed
Astronaut Gordon Cooper's Sighting - In 1955, while stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon Cooper witnessed an event that has yet to be explained nearly 50 years later. He was supervising the filming of a precision landing facility for F-86 fighter jets. Suddenly, a saucer-like craft flew directly over the cameraman. Three landing gear apparatus opened, and the object landed on the dry lake bed.

MERCURY 7 ASTRONAUT GORDON COOPER recalls a UFO landing at Edwards Air Force Base. APOLLO ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL discloses his knowledge of the covert effort to keep the subject matter top secret. Military personnel testify to having witnessed UFOs disable nuclear missiles both in their silos and during test flights. PRESIDENTS GERALD FORD and JIMMY CARTER give accounts about their involvement with the UFO phenomenon.


Full text in English and German at:


Translation from a text by M. Odenwald

Focus Online, Germany: universum /odenwalds-universum aid 67965.html



Out of the Blue


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