Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ufo Hunters Alien Crashes
History Channel -- Original Air Date - 2/18/09

IN 2008, a California rancher spots a turquoise fireball near Needles, followed by 5 unmarked helicopters. The military copters pick something up with their sky-crane and leave with the thing, as it continues burning. The team goes out and looks for the crash site and talks to eyewitnesses. Witnesses say it looked like a fireball, and ever since it fell white planes with red markings -- Janet Airlines -- have been flying over the area; Janet Airlines serves Area 51. The military denies knowing anything, but one witness suggests it was a test gone out of control -- and, indeed, Needles is in the midst of several military testing bases. The show compares the crash to Roswell and interviews a witness named Bob, who tells what he saw of the crash while boating on the river. The team follows the mans lead to the alleged crash site. They find a cleared area, but its not burned and too old to be the crash. Another witness claims to have been visited by government MIB. The investigators then recap the Kecksburg UFO encounter, and compare it to this new situation. They also send some team members to look for evidence in Kecksburg. They sweep the area with metal detectors and ground-penetrating radar, but turn up no new clues (just eyewitness stories). Back in Needles, a reporter claims the helicopters belonged to the NightStalker military operations group (task force 160), and people he spoke to claimed the federal agents (MIB?) who came to investigate the incident and had connections to nuclear weapons transportation. Was this come kind of nuclear-powered experimental weapon? The shows connections of this case to Keksburg and Cash-Landrum are intruiging, but, in the end, they turn up no solid evidence.

Reference: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com


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