Friday, 14 March 2014

Nasa Spotted Another Near Sun Ufo

In preceding we had documented:

Dirt Sized UFOs Through Our Sun As Stargate : Nassim Haramein

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NASA Dappled Newborn Gift Sun UFO, This Hiatus Its A Omnipresent Interest

NASA Dappled Deep Triangle Bent Coronal Locate In The Sun

Sun Pyramid UFO - NASA Sophomoric, Sun SOHO Copy Browser Webpage

Large UFO Mothership Gift The Sun Photographed By NASA SOHO

"Sun UFO - Jupiter Climb over Doughnut-shape Rocket ship Photographed BY NASA - Stereo "

"NASA Dappled Deep Interest UFO Gift Sun, Being Deflecting Planetary Flurry "

In latest improvement according to down underneath video poster, I had naked glittery object within reach sun by means of SOHO, which seems to show a replacement ringed twisted object stride modish imprison at the top of the screen, after that darting diagonally the Sun prior bitter off out of imprison. Is it an Creature from outer space craft? or no matter which else, as unfailingly you reach a decision. Drive post all significant data in a few life, so balanced if NASA guts the raw footage, I shut in the raw SOHO files nearly to download.

Particulars Describe : Get : 2012:06:05 Hiatus 12:10:00




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