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Ufo Sighting In Cape Coral Florida On July 4th 2013 Bright Orange Light In Sky Stationary At First
UFO Sighting IN Promontory CORAL, FLORIDA ON JULY 4TH 2013 - Warm Yellowish-brown Traveling fair IN SKY, Immobile AT In the early hours, THAN Encouraged IN Completely Keep in shape In Hurriedly Moving UP AND Deceased THAN Alternating OUT.

My spouse and son and I were on our way site from examination the fireworks in downtown Castle Myers on the 4th of July. We were on SE 1st Ter in Promontory Coral nomad west, bearing in mind at 10:20pm my spouse noticed a reasonable torpid ocher light in the northern sky. I blocked the car and may well see the light listed the passenger side piece. My spouse opened the "Household name walk" app from her Iphone and sharp it in the hold back of the light. The Household name Spin app reported a satellite in the trying hold back. As we were very soon a few houses down from our site I swiftly group to our driveway and got out of the car. The light was now moving west in a upright line about as swiftly as a jet. It appeared to transfer made a meaningful jump from its number one place in the sky, but because we were now a few houses down from the number one sighting, It is coarse to say how by a long way break up it in fact traveled. The light traveled west for a delay of seconds than swiftly jerked up and over (what appeared to be up and disappeared) early flashing out. It necessitate be noted that gift were fireworks going off in particular parts of the sky as it was chief time for such a display. I'm sure that gift is an explanation for the light, but at this time I cannot result it.

2013 Sighting Revision


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