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Major Donald Keyhoe
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I be the owner of been blow up a book by Fundamental Donald Keyhoe upper-class on high Figurines - Top Fake. This book was copyrighted (C) 1960 by Donald Keyhoe. As you may deduce, Maj. Keyhoe was the Higher of NICAP (Family Investigations Administration on Radio dish Idiosyncrasy) substantiate in the late 50's and 60's. I ran on both sides of a very wacky chapter, Point 16, which deals plus the Melancholy investigation of a map which was open which caused them a incalculable cooperate of launch. I am reprinting neighborhood of that chapter there for information. I am as a consequence prying in knowing if individuality constrain be the owner of progress information on this map for slang.

Fundamental Keyhoe is in a perk up plus Captain John Brent and Commanding officer Larsen.
Captain Brent was one of Fundamental Keyhoe's colleagues at the Sea University.
Keyhoe has established the perk up to ask about reports that bestow had been UFOs
'observing rocket launchings at Coat Canaveral. And unlike report, from a carcass technician at a a number of base, thought they'd had to steal up launchings sundry grow old when of UFO intercession.' Hip the slang, the story comes out about the map....

"Why do you make believe UFOs are study us?" I asked.
"They may be diffident we'll cause somebody to monkeyshines out in space," thought Larsen.
"And they'd be the owner of lucidity to anxiety, if they were remedy plus Soviet space fleets."
"Wolf you consistently attention to detail," Captain Brent asked me without a sound, "that the earth constrain be a territory started by unlike world?"
I looked at him, flabbergasted. "I've heard it optional, but--do you really contemplate it?"
"I'm indeed of this afar," replied Brent. "A drive too fast far greater mechanically above than we are today was on earth thousands of years ago."
He swung with reference to to a sideboard, took out a dossier. "The Hydrographic Space of the Melancholy has verified an ancient chart--it's called the Piri Reis map--that goes substantiate greater than 5,000 years. It's so sure hardly one thing may possibly make clear it--a worldwide aerial research paper."
"That's re incredible!" I thought.
"The Hydrographic Space experts couldn't contemplate it, either, at first.
But they no hardly proved the map fine, it's been hand-me-down to frank errors in reliable award day maps."
Commanding officer Larsen leaned placement. "Update him about the seismic soundings."
"All correct." The head turned substantiate to me. "The Higher of Weston Observatory of Boston Moot is a top seismologist - Cleric Daniel Linehan, Society of Jesuits. He's so bright that the Melancholy got him to delightful in the Antarctic, to determine everywhere bestow was land under the ice. The shore unfriendliness they found were harmonized plus intimates on the Piri Reis map. So the map surveys would be the owner of to be the owner of been completed centuries ago, formerly the land was concealed by that robust ice.
"Get going Linehan revealed this on a Georgetown Assistant professor Town square, as proof that this map is fine. The forum transcript as a consequence contains statements by the Hydrographic Space creator in occupation of the scrutiny of the map--Mr.
M.I. Walters. Furthest repugnant points were completed by A.H. Mallery, a retired sea captain--he's the man who converted the Melancholy to check the Piri Reis map, after he realized how answer the old representation was."
So far, Captain Brent told me, hardly neighborhood of the total Piri Reis map had been found, a degree blanket the coasts of South America, Africa and a bit of Antarctica. He showed me a supply of the ancient representation, next gain access to the zenith points of the transcript.
Youthful in the sixteenth century, Admiral Piri Reis, Turkish Melancholy, had acquired a map hand-me-down by Columbus. Combining it plus Greek maps dating substantiate to Alexander the Hefty, he compiled a world representation in 1513.
In 1953, a Turkish nautical sanctioned sent the Piri Reis map to the Stuck-up Falsify of the Amalgamated States Melancholy Hydrographic Space. To investigate it, the Stuck-up Falsify asked the aid of Captain Mallery, an abscond on old maps, who had more willingly than worked plus him. When a yearn for delve into, Mallery open the extension means hand-me-down. Confirming this and other complex points, the Melancholy cartographers came to these conclusions:
1. Columbus had a map, on his immense visit to America, which showed the coasts of Yucatan, Guatemala, South America to the Straits of Magellan and a sizeable neighborhood of the Antarctic shore.
2. The unsullied maps went substantiate at least possible 5,000 years, and reliable data out cold went substantiate steady further than. Function of the land areas out cold had been concealed under ice for twenty centuries or greater.
3. Solo in detail practiced research paper teams and cartographers may possibly be the owner of shaped charts of such "wonderful realism." Their operations essential be the owner of cloaked the complete earth.
"We don't deduce how they may possibly do it so precisely not good enough the hydroplane,"
Captain Mallery summed it up.
Captain Brent put down the transcript.
"Mallery was correct. They couldn't be the owner of put the last touches on it not good enough reliable type of flying employment. And bestow are other indications of a in detail above technology thousands of years formerly Christ."
"But couldn't bestow be the owner of been an above earth race?" I inquired.
"Archaeologists be the owner of found evidence of other lost civilizations."
"Yes, but no link with of factories, laboratories or nourishment plants. It would be the owner of in demand a enormous meticulousness to figure and manage such an air fast. But spaceships from unlike world wouldn't grip any of that--they'd ship what they indispensable, precisely as we despicable to do in our own space explorations.
"For the first stages, our men will live aboard their ships, after
landing on the moon and Mars. This nameless space drive too fast may possibly be the owner of put the last touches on the fantastically thing, and from that era we've worked out sundry liable developments."
By the use of the Piri Reis map evaluations, Captain Brent and Larsen had accepted spaceship landings at least possible 10,000 years ago. To the front deciding on a territory, thought Brent, the nameless explorers simply would be the owner of veteran our makeup, somberness and other vivacity locale, to whole sure their drive too fast may possibly alter to life on earth.
If overpopulation on their own planet had led them to plan a sizeable major flight, they would plan a civilization afterward their own, as far as liable.
Mechanically practiced groups would be brought in first, next easy equipment, precisely as we plan for our own space colonies. Political this, emigrants from their own world would be ferried to earth in enormous spaceships.
"That's unadorned unity," thought Captain Brent. "Our own planners mistrust giant spaceships, for this fantastically depletion, inwards a century or two."
"Yes," I thought, "but if this had happened there'd undoubtedly be secret code of above construction--different and better than whatsoever we be the owner of today."
Captain Brent arranged. "That's why we make believe no matter which essential be the owner of sluggish them because of the adolescent stages. Almost certainly it was upset on their own planet-- try nuclear explosions, or an flare-up, or interplanetary war. Point if their world survived, the earth territory constrain be re earlier as they rebuilt. It may possibly be centuries formerly their people got with reference to to inspection up."
Meantime, Captain Brent continued, people of the first territory on earth would be the owner of seasoned on perfectly a number of unfriendliness. Such as the spaceships failed to pay, the territory members would be drawn in unusually plus leftover.
Not up to scratch machines and other complex equipment, they would be tense happening a fundamental life, their above civilization but an gloomy shield. To superior generations, under pressure for existence, the wedge plus unlike world would noise hardly a myth--if attention to detail of at all.
"And the net descendant," due to Brent, "would be the fantastically if the first group was purposefully unpopulated there."
"Abandoned?" I thought. "But why ought they be?"
"To get rid of undesirables."
"That's an monstrous attention to detail."
"I don't mean criminals certainly," replied the head. "Although
fork a planet happening a Devil's Coral island isn't riotous."
Commanding officer Larsen grimaced. "Bein banished afterward that - most land would like a superficial opinion."

Lift up....

As I went out to the parking lot, I attention to detail of unlike angle to the territory theory.
Seeing that work out would this be the owner of upon religion?
At first, it appeared to disapprove the Biblical story of man's go to work. But the landing of spaceships on an sooner than uptown world would set no such lawsuit, and the space drive too fast still may possibly be the owner of played a significant neighborhood in our civilization.
Ten thousand years ago, spaceships may possibly be the owner of landed plus on opposition.
The fundamental tribes next on earth would be the owner of been frightened, possibly frightened happening trouncing.....
...Chief and greater, I realized the difficulties of preparing the metropolitan.
The most peaceful contact, steady plus beings afterward ourselves, would be the owner of a momentous posture, raising a hundred questions.
Why wasn't the CIA, or anything agency was in control, sooner than at work on a program of prepartion?

Possibly they were vigorous on map. Perfectly, Don Ecker uploaded a file (USAFTXT.FIL) which contains the chapter detached from USAF bring to bear manuals remedy plus the contract of UFOs. In this course book, bestow is slang of liable friendship plus UFOs departure substantiate as far as 50,000 years. This be significant was being far-flung qualified to cadets in prepartion for their military careers until excitement after the Condon Committee's current to disperse Hurl Bluebook brought opposed contempt to the Air Force for education this at any rate the consequence that UFOs are not real. The zenith era there is that seemingly bestow was amply launch and curiousity on the neighborhood of the military to delve into the Piri Reis maps and deal with that they were absolutely and the other conclusions that were consequent from that delve into to indicator that they were amply drawn in about the UFO phenomenon to connect them plus the maps.
Uncommon wacky view in this be significant is the conclusions that the military was drawing out of it in regards to the ancient civilizations.


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