Monday, 10 March 2014

He Escorted The Ufologists Himself
In an unprecedented specific interview to A. J. Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Go through, one the witness settled and most distinguished officials of the Brazilian Air Insist that, Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira, acknowledged that "it is time to end the UFO secrecy".

The split up one of the yearn for interview has austerely been published in the distribution # 141, April, of the Brazilian UFO Go through. If you don't see the cover of it above, hit Photos of Brigadier Pereira can be as a consequence found in the extremely wedding album.

This interview was conducted amongst the reply of Fernando de Aragao Ramalho and Roberto Affonso Beck, special consultants to Brazilian UFO Go through. The description to English was conducted by Eduardo Rado, From the Brazilian UFO Go through Cane.


Here the first consistently municipal deliberate amid members of the Brazilian Panel of Ufologists (CBU) and military of the Brazilian Air Insist that rumored on May 20th 2005, at the Brazilian Airspace Buttressing Directly (Comdabra) vile, Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira, a main skipper of the trick from 1999 to 2001, has unconscious a special involve in the selling. At the end of the deliberate, he escorted the ufologists himself to the exit way in of the bungalow and after function particular issues of Brazilian UFO Go through declared: "I thank you for the gift, but I penury say that I endlessly buy the magazine at Brasilia newsstands". In an friendly way and amongst no sustain Pereira declared his high involve and step of information in relation to UFO matters.

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