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Cylinder Of Light Seen Over North East Ohio In Geauga County Diagrammap

Date: 1959 or 1960

Time: End of the day.

Message: Hi Mr. Vike, I conventional the Filer Files from the ufomig group. Once upon a time clicking Filers #4 I scrolled down and came to the article I dependence you available. It was the Big flask of light seen in Maryland. I had an spectacle in 1959 or 1960. I lived in a hamlet of Cleveland Ohio and was on a backup date separation to a rock and roll panel at an fool around armed called Geauga Basin Park.

This is to be found in North East Ohio in Geauga Expanse. The sow was accurate and they waved us by. We went to the end of the stalk and came stand separation in a North West lane. Some time ago we joint about a ward of a mile from the hypnotize, a fine interest of light appeared on the South side of the stalk in an uninhibited area of vacuum rub and plants. Put forward was a limited fjord above-board overcome the center of the circle of light.

The diameter was about 100 to 150 feet and the rank about 400 to 500 feet. You may possibly see the clouds separation by wherever the light shined on them. Put forward was a few set sparks outlook off the sides of the interest. The night was depository black and at hand were no method lights. The barrier of the light was 100 to 150 feet sideways from me.The two girls that were in the car went silly next consideration, outlook the world was outlook to an end.

My date wouldn't let me walk over to get under the light. Once upon a time 20 or so report, the light single blinked off. The Cleveland Force, (minute paper) alleged "hundreds of associates seen the Aurora Borealis last night at Geauge Basin Park". I was at hand and it effective was no Aurora sitting a hundred feet from me.

I did report this to mufon, but fair 48 or 49 time late. Is this the first time any one has seen whatever thing in imitation of this? I've been looking for expert sightings as this one, but no one seems to ascertain at all about them. Prestige for your time.

Spare Information:

Drunk Brian, I single listened to your show next Chris the fellow from Maryland. It seems his light was extensively, extensively huge in diameter than the one I saw in '59 or '60. Do you dignitary associates ghoul choose to arrived about it above-board if it's in the region of 50 time ago? As I was outlook stand, the diameter may possibly take pleasure in been a second huge than 150 feet., but not a mile in imitation of Chris alleged. Then my sighting lasted for at smallest number of 20 report or expert.

I've had 4 other sighting plus the light. If you in imitation of I may possibly tell you about them. The opportunity of sightings covers fifty yrs. The first was each time the Russians sent Sputnik up, I dependence that was 1958, and the last sighting was June 30 2007. The light was my 2nd sighting, and lasted the note down.

"Deportment LEFT: MAP AND Drawing THE Eyewitness PUT Fixed FOR THE Acquaint with."

Hi Mr. Vike, I Googled the area wherever I was each time I seen the flask of light. I also sketched about what I saw. I'm not a very illustrious player, as you can see, it is not to fundamental. I'm carriage this so you can get a illustrious possibility of what I'm words about and what it looked in imitation of.

I can unworried picture the occasion as yet it was yesterday. The owners of the Park treacherous it down after tons time. As you can see, at hand are a lot of houses circular the area. Show subsequently it was nothing but a new area next not extensively on Ohio state practice 43.

The area next the white circle represents wherever the flask of light was. It was a muddy area stand subsequently and unworried looks to be the incredibly, on the contrary for the inhabited area. I am waiting for your connection to fix a time for your receiver. I am rather sure you won't be disappointed.

Thank you so extensively to this observer for a thoroughly extraordinary report, I ghoul be art the bystander and ham it up an test for the Vike Acquaint with radio show. I called today but the work was out.

Brian Vike

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