Friday, 21 March 2014

Iss Expedition 8 4 Cape Kennedy Medals
Expedition 8 Commander and NASA Station Science Officer Michael Foale, Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri and ESA Astronaut Pedro Duque docked the Soyuz TMA-3 with the International Space Station at 07:15:58 UTC on 20 October 2003. At the time of docking, both spacecraft orbited the Earth above Russia.

Once the Expedition 7 crew undocked, Foale and Kaleri settled down to work, beginning a more than six-month stint focused on Station operations and maintenance.

The new Station crew, along with Duque, launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 05:38:03 UTC, on 18 October 2003.

Foale and Kaleri departed the station for earth aboard the Soyuz TMA-3 spacecraft on 29 April 2004 along with ESA Astronaut Andr'e Kuipers, who had arrived with the Expedition 9 crew aboard Soyuz TMA-4 nine days earlier.

The Cape Kennedy Medals version has a merrowed rather than cut edge. The continents lack a blue border and the ISS embroidery is thinner than the official A-B Emblem version.


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