Friday, 7 March 2014

The Abducted
Twenty years ago I heard about a very strange family who had been suffering abductions by strange beings for generations. The members of this family that remained living had two sisters who had lived their lives being taken by the same creatures that had taken their father throughout his lifetime. It took me years to track down this family yet I was never able to get any member of the family to speak to me. The sisters who suffered these abductions were extremely private people and did not ever discuss their situation. The family members around them were either over protective or somewhat embarrassed by this problem and also refused to discuss it. I tried for years to talk with this family but I was always turned down. Fate intervened and I was sent a email by a brother in this family saying his sister had been reading a few of my articles and decided she might want to talk to me. We exchanged emails for a while until it was decided I would be allowed to visit with the family. The luck of this was that this family lived very close to my own hometown making this visit possible. The day came and I arrived as planned at the home of the brother who contacted me. I was invited to sit with the family in a large screened porch overlooking a beautiful yard on the north coast of Long Island. The man and two of his sisters seemed to be perfectly normal middle-aged people. I spent the first part of my time with them talking about the articles I have written about paranormal events that occurred on Long Island. We also discussed the reaction that the public has to these subjects. It seems the main reason this family stays hidden and silent is because of the reaction so many have to things they do not understand. This family also fears the media as they are all about ratings and care nothing about the people who they interview. I had to agree with them on that point. We talked for a while when all of a sudden the one sister turned towards her sister and brother and said, " She is OK, I am going to talk to her for awhile. I will call you if I need you." The sister and brother both got up and went into the house leaving me alone with the one sister on the porch. Looking straight at me without emotion the woman leaned towards me and said "You never mentioned in any of our emails or calls that you were also a abductee". You have been taken during your life too. I now understand why you do this." I was a bit shocked as I was not sure how she knew that I also had encounters of my own in my lifetime. I figured she had read enough of my material that I had written to pick up the references I have made in the past to those events. She then said to me something that really startled me. Again she leaned towards me and said" You cannot stop now. There are always going to be difficult people who are jealous or limited and are not able to understand what you're telling them. I think your ideas of taking a break now are not timed right." I was rather stunned as those were my very thoughts as I drove to this family's home that afternoon. I have been extremely busy in many areas of my life and was considering giving this subject matter a rest for while. I did not speak of this to anyone and had only been thinking it for a day or so. The fact she picked up on this immediately was sort of a surprise. I realized then that this woman had abilities and I needed to pay close attention to the time I had with her. Now sitting alone with her I was able to focus more on just this woman. I was beginning to notice things I did not see when the others where with us. I started to see things about this woman that were clearly different. Her eyes were very large and blue. I noticed whenever the sun would streak into the room and reach her face she would shield her eyes, blink and move away from the direct light. She had very dark circles under her eyes and very pale skin. When she moved away from the sunlight the third time I asked her if the sun bothered her eyes and she replied, " The sun is blinding to me, I cannot see at all in strong sunlight." I was sitting in the darkest part of the room and got up so we could trade seats. I could clearly see she was uncomfortable where she was sitting. The sun was low and shinning into the room, which seemed painful for her. When I offered the seat change she jumped up and in seconds we had swamped chairs. Her arms and legs were covered in areas by large bandages. The areas of her legs and arms that were uncovered were covered with what looked like white scars of different lengths and shapes. She was chubby but ageless. I could not tell if she was 40 -50 or 60. She looked like a middle-aged woman but did not have many wrinkles or the appearance of an older woman. I honestly could not judge her age at all. She had light hair, which was very fine and mid length. Before I could ask her any questions the woman took control of the conversation. She suggested I take notes as she was not going to be able to talk that long and did not want to repeat herself. I got out my notebook and listened. She told me the odd activity started about age 6. She recalls strange people being around her and being away from home but was never sure if she was dreaming the events or remembering them. She would have these encounters at all different times. She may be out playing in her yard or in her room playing with her toys. She would wake up in the middle of the night terrified but had no idea at age 6 exactly what was happening to her. When she complained to her parents they would comfort her and tell her she must have fallen asleep and had a bad dream. This continued until she was 12. At that point she knew something was wrong. She would know when she blacked out and could recall more and more of the details that took place during the times she was taken. She still held on to the idea she may be falling asleep and having these odd dreams as she would always find herself back where she was taken waking or shaking off being in a fog. By the time she was a teen this woman realized she was different from other kids. She was much smarter then the average kids her age and was developing psychic abilities that were very strong and very frightening to her. She could look at someone she did not know and understand immediately things about them. She would know their names, where they lived, what they were thinking and most of all if they were a good or bad person. She could tell her friends what was going to happen to them weeks before the events occurred. Her differences were separating her from friends and family and she was becoming withdrawn and odder by the day. The missing time and fogged over encounters continued and the changes in her increased. About age 25 she could no longer stand to be outside in the sun for very long as the rays of light were becoming blinding and painful to her eyes. She also was beginning to read two or three books a day with lightning speed. Her need to swallow all she could learn was becoming an over powering need she did not understand. This also was the time she started to feel ill often and have unexplained times of bleeding and pain in her uterus that she could not understand. Sometimes she would not have any normal monthly cycles at all and other times wake up from one of the encounters with terrible pain and extreme bleeding. She had become a hermit by this time only seeing her family and a handful of friends. The strangeness of her life kept her away from others as she suffered more and more oddities with each passing year. About age 30 she started to return from her visits with the beings that constantly took her with burns or strange burn like rashes across her arms and legs. They were painful and would last for months at a time. She was developing a hatred of most food claiming it all tasted awful and had a limited diet that existed of only a few bland items that she could manage to keep down or desire. About this time she decided to see a doctor about her rashes and belly pain as she was finding it harder and harder to deal with it all. Her doctor sent her to specialists who looked at her rash/ burns. They came up empty to what they thought it was and chalked it up to her making them appear by way of stress. They told her nicely that she was causing the skin to do this with her mind. After being examined for her problems with her natural cycles she was questioned to how many pregnancies she had. When she told them none they snarled that they could not help her if she would not be honest with them. Feeling defeated she simply listened and said little in response. The doctors insisted she had carried more then one baby. She knew she never had a child. This woman's life had been a hell with only her family and a few friends understanding the horror of what was happening to her and the rest of the world was cruel and heartless to her circumstance. As she aged the visits decreased. Now entering her senior years she was left alone and free from the visits that tortured her through out her entire life. She can only stand to be out in the day light for a few minutes at a time. She needs to wear very dark sunglasses and drive with tinted windows in her car. She spends most of her time indoors during the day. She has a quick mind and can recall almost all she has read during her lifetime. She has strong psychic powers that she will only use to help those she knows and cares for. Besides that she keeps what she knows to herself. She suffers from her skin problems, which come and go without reason or explanation. She never married and never had children- that she knows of! This woman is without question the most curious person I ever interviewed. She seems to be the result of some kind of interference. She is not like other humans yet she is. She seems to be tampered with making her more advanced in many ways and weaker in others. Mentally she is far advanced. Physically she struggles with living on earth in her human body. She is an impatient woman who talks quickly and expects those around her to keep up with her speed of thought and speaking. She seems void of humor and simply titled her head looking at me oddly when I attempted to include a joke or two into our quick paced serious conversation. She seemed far more entertained by my attempts to be funny or silly then the humor of what I was saying. Her eyes are large and blue. When she looks at you it is with a straight intense dead on stare right into your own eyes that makes you alert and uncomfortable. I felt like I was being given the most important test of my life by the worlds principle and if I failed I was going to be booted off the earth. I stopped trying to interact and just sat and took furious notes as she told me what she wanted to tell me. She talked and I wrote. Suddenly she stopped talking as quickly as she had started. I stopped writing and looked at her. She looked deep into my mind and said, " I am tired now. You can ask me two questions and then we will be done." I knew my questions had to be good, as I doubted I would have another chance with this lady. I asked my questions. I asked her who did she thought had been taking her - her entire life and what did she think they wanted from her? Without hesitation she replied: " This may surprise you but I think humans from the past may be who are taking me." I simply looked at her stupidly as she continued," I use to think aliens from another planet were the ones taking me but I changed my mind along the way. I think that somehow someway humans populated this planet or another and suffered a huge catastrophe that wiped most of them out. I think they may be living inside the earth or maybe on the moon or in the moon. I think they are millions of years older then the humans walking and living on this earth now and far advanced. I also think that physically they have weakened or changed to the point they cannot live on the earth as it is now. I think they may be the ones who come and take people like me. I think they are trying to mate with us to return their bodies to those that can live a life on earth. Or they are trying to breed with the humans of today for some reason. I think that what they do changes people like me into something other then how we started out. My body changes and mind skills are a result of these things. Do not get me wrong - they could easily be aliens from other worlds. I just feel that they seem human to me when I can recall small parts of my encounters with them." Abruptly she stood up and called out her brother's name. Her brother immediately returned to the porch where we were sitting and stood next to me. " I am done talking with Chris - would you be so kind to escort her to her car" She stood and walked towards the inside of the house. Her brother took my arm as I quickly gathered my notebook and purse. I was just about out the door when I heard her yell out to me from inside the house. " Do a good job Holly- explain to them that they have no idea of the truth." At this she laughed for the first and only time. Within seconds I found myself standing next to my car. Her brother bid me farewell- thanked me and walked away. I got into my car and drove home. Driving home I felt flushed and a bit odd. I needed to stop and buy a hot cup of coffee as I felt weak and sleepy. When I arrived home I had to lie down and take a nap. Later that night I told my family about the encounter and had to admit that this lady was the strangest person I had even met. I knew I had seen the long-term effect of being abducted in this woman's eyes. I also knew she held the answers to many questions that she felt best kept from mankind at this time. I wanted to know more but had to wait until she was ready to share those things with the rest of us. Something has been going on with this woman with some kind of other being. I can honestly say that I have no idea who or what they may be. All I do know is that their interference with this woman has created a person who without question is not like the rest of us. I am going to try to arrange another meeting with this curious woman as I have many questions I did not get to ask her that day. I think she can offer many insights into the world of abduction and alien encounters that are closer to what truly is happening to so many people who are taken around the world. For now I will try to continue to write that which we do not understand in hopes someday we all will know the truth about so many of these unknown encounters. Do be careful out there and always be aware of your surroundings! Source


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