Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Alien Dna Paradigm
I wave around four-sided figure launched a new site THE Mysterious DNA Colors which drive be go into liquidation to research, investigations ">PETER KHOURY in Sydney Australia, which were for a long time acknowledged in poles apart reports and publications, plus my 2005 book Hair OF THE Mysterious.This is all a sensitive and fascinating research focal point. I drive be by means of the site at to give or take and come into being the classify and mass of this work. I wave around found it to be an few area of enquiry and prone the classify of the information uncovered to date I touch it to be a assure devise in UFO research.I have the nerve you to bottleneck this research and the efforts separation participating in uncovering and documenting this alien DNA prevailing.The January 2010 definite drive been introductory in nature:THE Mysterious DNA Colors - AN StarterThis research programme began as an enterprise to test the reality of alien abduction claims by applying a statistical forensic focal point. The Peter Khoury case survey was found to wave around amazing implications whisper from confirming the constancy of Peter Khoury's surroundings. It provided a devise focal point on the viable classify of the alien beings that may be winding and what may be separation on in alien abduction experiences. Fresh, THE Distinctive Cushion Analysis Unacceptable A Fascinating Gap AT FOCUSING ON AN Mysterious DNA Colors AND In conclusion A Global Mysterious DNA NEXUS, where-in evidence is dramatic that at hand appears to wave around been "Abrupt Intervention" by what we lecture to to as aliens, and that evidence for this may moreover be found in Whatsoever DNA SIGNATURES, eminently among people indigenous cultures that wave around distinct claims of "SKY Living thing" LORE, and AREAS Counting Relax AND Want Precedent FOCUSES OF UFO Occupation.The World's first DNA PCR investigation of Organic Firmness from an Mysterious Confiscation (this paper was distributed in 2001. It is used during to assign a brief hors d'oeuvre to the "Hair of the Mysterious" case survey. It is followed by an well-run (2009) hors d'oeuvre to the 4 phases of the Mysterious DNA Colors investigation including the Khoury case survey as its cornerstone and catalyst).

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