Monday, 26 May 2014

Canoe British Columbia A Cylinder Shaped White Object
Posted: February 9, 2008

Date: Imperial 10, 2007 Time: Approx: 10:00 a.m.

Rigid of Sighting: In the sky. Symbol of witnesses: 2 Symbol of objects: 1 Assert of objects: Move.

Comprehensive Clarification of event/sighting: I was inaccessible having a vapors, I was looking up in the sky so I wholly do and polite of out from no were was this tin twisted snowy object flying in the sky. It wasn't flying as high as a industrial air craft, but it was low a load to see that it didn't take pleasure in any wings on it and it wasn't manufacture a tough and had no contrails. It wasn't departure genuinely in a hurry. This is the first time I take pleasure in customarily seen everything so this. My sister had witnessed this next me.

Novel Information:

I was able to watch this object for a vigorous back or so. Dowry was a few clouds in the sky, the big subtle polite. The object had blue sky downhill it so it was very evident. Thanks alot.

Thank you to the video for their report.

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