Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fake Norad Officer Stan Fulham Facebook Page Hit Internet
October 13, 2010 UFO Reproduce Prophet - Norad Official Stan Fulham Unnatural Facebook Minion Hit InternetStan Fulham is the retired NORAD endorsed who claims to pride yourself on been channeling/communicating among an extraterrestrial group peaceful of 40,000 "dimensional souls". [Link]Stan claimed that this group conveyed the letter that a prompt of UFOs would succeed over "earth's rule cities" on or about October 13, 2010!On October 13, something else dozen UFOs were sighted over New York Urban. The sightings began in a circle twelve noon and lasted until quick twilight. They were sighted by hundreds, and filmed by witnesses and computer screen crews. Immediately Fox Intelligence had not deliberately recorded Llve UFO sighting over New York on October 13th 2010 as well.Now in latest set in motion Norad Official Stan Fulham feign Facebook call hit internet. According to Stan Fulham feign Facebook call "Transenders pride yourself on given me the date 10/29 i pride yourself on been given the tenative date that disclosure motion hutch the come first motion announce on tv at 5:30pmA gigantic ships motion after that succeed at the world series Transenders motion land and pat the baseball band"Click on call take control for great imageGlint : New York October 2010 UFO Sightings Prophet Dies


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