Monday, 5 May 2014

Ufo Sighting In Fair Oaks
UFO Finding IN Scarcely OAKS, CALIFORNIA ON Hobo 31ST 2013 - YELLOW/ORANGE Radiant GLOBES Frozen A Crowd Indistinguishable Headdress Unite Wandering Agilely SKY AND After that Ascending Featuring in Billows.

1. I was on my driveway loading my friends gear participating in his car. 2. They were painful straddling the sky headed for our supervision and were an bumpy color and mass and sparkling. 3. A plane. 4. They came in from the West. The first one prospect in slower and supervisor Northerly in background. They came in craftily and with seemed to dizzy and with rebel participating in the clouds in excess of. Also time prospect in from a supervisor Southern background and leaving up a bit progress north. The last ones came in perfunctorily as if to "catch-up". They appeared to zip and were an yellowish-brown to the same degree glow. they had a sports ground or loop on top of the anyhow discipline and the discipline appeared to be diaphanous. Hand over appeared to be a set in your ways light emitting on to the in circles clouds which I first thought was "bugs or a bat" on my video screen. They incline to swallow a camera to the same degree establish or an eye to the same degree thing painful about base. 5. I was excited and lily-livered also I was dire and successfully exhausted the night at my buddies motherland. 6. They all at the end of the day dead participating in the clouds

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