Friday, 30 May 2014

Ufo Sighting Recorded Over Texas City 7 Apr 2012
A mystery over the skies of Texas Capital has a lot of state spoken communication. Abnormal red lights were seen and recorded by perplexed citizens over the weekend. From flares to UFOs -- anyone has their own explanation.Dozens of kind in Texas Capital saw an outward appearance of irregular red dots high in the sky late Saturday night.Spectator Debbie James thought, "I sincere went in and grabbed my camera."James is one of unlike state who got video of the peculiar red lights and posted it online."It was as soon as in a Z pattern," she recalled. "It was as soon as a dust Z."James and other absentminded eyewitnesses say those irregular lights circled the sky for at least 20 proceedings, lazily upsetting about in precise shapes."It was a reasonably line, furthermore it went to as soon as a characteristic 8, and furthermore it completed this short moon and aloof changeable shapes." source: To begin with video:TV report about this UFO phenomenon:

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