Sunday, 18 May 2014

Leaked Evidence Of Invisible Cloaking Technology Is It Made By Darpa
(((LEAKED!))) Track down of Unobserved cloaking technology - is it ended by DARPA?This video was submitted to the media by an anonymous rummage who acknowledged that for 5 nights their motivation sensors detected measure incoming their plant, equally they checkered the area for intruders, it always appeared to confess been a antenna malfuction as noone was regularly found in the premesis, on the 4th night one of the custody guards meant he had seen a vision appeared on the video monitors, but noone visualize him and on the 5th night he brought to work his own video camera and recorded what he saw on screen. this is the footage that was leaked to the media. We usual other anonymous emails stating that this was deceptively a new technology adult by DARPA for the military. what do you think? Tags:DARPA undetectable wrap Avant-garde cloaking technology UFO UFOS OVNI OVNIS Exotic ALIENS Detection Fairy-tale DDSDTV Occurrence GHOSTS ORB ORBS Unpolluted FIREBALL Fire Ring Ocher Orangey Hoary Gold ingots C2CAM C2C AM 2012 JULY Sunlight hours Bygone Legitimate News Notice Exotic STARCHILD Stem Open IN THE MOUNTAINS OF PERU UFO UFOS OVNIS OVNI Shore TO AM Fairy-tale SIGHTINGS ET Prophet Unassailable Occurrence Exotic GHOSTS ALIENS Legitimate DARPA Gear c2c am TRIANGLE sighting AREA51 Scope 51 News Notice 2012 PHOENIX ARIZONA DULCE NEW MEXICO NWO NIBIRU orb orbs light lights Touch Gallery CIRCLES Fire Ring Ocher PLEIADIAN Sapphire Spiritual DDSDTV

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