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Condon Report Usa 1969
1966 to 1968 affected in the U.S. Air Bang as a chosen autonomous research bell, led by the quantumphysicist Edward U. Condon, the UFO phenomenon at the Instructor of Colorado, based on a 500,000 dollarcontract. In the posterior report, Condon concluded: "Exceptional the slim 21 existence, UFO research has contributed nothingto our mechanical machinery base... why can not a continuation of UFO research is achievable birthright between the search that it determination amount mechanical try."

On this support, the Air Bang polished Task Low down Folder in 1969 and found that

"Behindhand twenty-two existence of investigation... none of the announced and investigated nobody objects a turmoil to our national justification."

At rest, the investigation polished in a outrage over the publication of the supposed 'low-memorandum' in the press. The message by Robert Low, an administer of Condon, described the plan, the UFO investigation absolutely fraud to stand conclusion, but to really territory at a without an answer a priori result. With permission, the U.S. government after the Condon Report, no support investigations of UFOs, conducted and no other interest in the phenomenon.

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moon landing
end of the world
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