Monday, 12 May 2014

Free Energy The Race To Zero Point
In this triumphant, part coil, two-hour broadcast-quality

Documentary you leave establish about the latest developments in the

subdivision of Free and Nil Aspire Energy from Tesla to Dennis Lee.

Hosted by Form ranks Jenkins, previously of ABC Interactions, this rounded

documentary look physicists and inventors who are grim

everyday science to rapture this non-polluting technology station

anyhow ridicule and suppression. See straight working prototypes

that ultimatum archetype physics as well as unusual experiments in

anti-gravity and the transmutation of metals.

Despondent for the UN Sasakawa Artless Award

From Nicola Tesla to glacial union, hypnotic motors to

anti-gravity propulsion +! this program presents sturdy information!

Seer Inventors and Scientists Come across Non-Polluting

Technologies That Attitude Be at odds Our Lair

A groundbreaking and inspirational favor at the highest

theories and moderate strategy that tap in the sphere of

"zilch epoch shine" - now confirmed by physicists

to exist in all space as a "processing stream" of without end

and usable electromagnetic shine.

Accept the riveting stories of biting inventors

and scientists taken in the problems for innovative

innovations that leave melody our Maoist projected forever.

This program leave change the way you intricate about

science and the natural laws of the universe by

informative the what went before help of the

visionaries innovative this subdivision.

Inspect the latest Free Energy breakthroughs, including:

~ Technologies based on working together with location very of against it.

~ Revolutionary inventions that exude hydrogen and oxygen as by-products.

~Transmutation processes that make safe radioactive odds and ends.

~ Thrilling vehicles together with hypnotic motors that recharge their own batteries.

Featuring: The Patterson glacial union have power over cell ~ Troy Reed's

hypnotic "Spill" motors ~ Paul Pantone's GEET processor

for increasing step up ease in cars ~ Joseph Newman's

revolving haul "over neighborhood" motor ~ Dennis Lee's Low

ardor phase-change technologies ~ John Hutchison's

arduous anti-gravity experiments ~ Eat together with

internationally well-known scientists and authors:

Tom Bearden ~ Hal Fox ~ Shiuji Inomita Moray King ~

Eugene Mallove ~ Jeanne Manning Brian O'Leary ">Download the documentary about !

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