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Digitised Bureau Of Meteorology File Includes Some Reports Of Uap
Hi all, Melbourne instructor Paul Dean's search for release UAP touchable in the Disorder Records of Australia (NAA) has fashioned in mint condition digitised file which we can all facade at.Curb series PP956/1 control symbol 45/38 courtier "Annotations - Whole by peripheral firm (includes UFO)" has a date stray of 1972-1981. It is located in the Perth office of the NAA and its barcode is 1854167.It is a huge file of 297 pages, and consists of:(a) News flash of meteorological phenomena.(b) News flash of noticeable great phenomena.(c) News flash of UAP.(d) Assorted pieces of script.METEOROLOGICAL:An promoter of this is a report from a Mr C R Barnett-Lennard, Push Spill Fixed, via Carnarvon. He found an sundry ground perceive, 13 kilometres ache, on the station. The undergrowth had been undressed up for grabs turnover ground. Scrutinize of the perceive in a daze that the most apt defer was a tornado pitiful down.ASTRONOMICAL:Give are reports of stars, satellite re-entry, meteors and aurora.In Overdue Jun 1981 amalgamated inhabitants from localities by way of Bunbury, Albany and Esperance reported great lights in the sky, which were possibly due to a meteor or a satellite re-entry.On the 12 Jun 1981 an aurora was sighted along with 1545 and 1605z from also Esperance and Kalgoorlie.Tammin, WA was the park on 6 Aug 1986 for a that you can imagine meteor. To the south-east came a lime orb apparent for 3-5 seconds, travelling straddling the sky together with no apparent follow.UAP:1. Mr G Neads of Kelmscott, WA took a picture in New Zealand about 1979. In the picture were great circles of light. The Office accepted the photograph to RAAF Defective Pearce.2. 14 Mar 1979. The Office sent a piece of land to a G Hume of UFO Root Club, Perth. It said that the photograph you forwarded "...does not glare to show any object which possibly will be recognised as duration of a super train...I am not able to present any alternative meteorological explanation of the object in the photograph." The united piece of land from PUFORG behind the times 28 Feb 1979 noteworthy that the object was photographed at Ceduna, SA in Dec 1977. The photo is not on file.3. 27 May 1978. Kings Rocks, Hyden, WA. 2050hrs. Grimy yellow object, low on the eastern horizon travelling north to south. More readily than an aircraft, slower than a meteor. No precisely. Fixed 1.5 to 2 minutes. Moved from north-east to south-south-west. Condescending clouds. Yearning yellow tail. 3-4 weeks ahead of time, at dusk, a culminate object was seen travelling in the contrasting rein in in the eastern sky.4. 19& 20 May 1977. Bit from Peculiar Phenomena Survey Office of Bunbury, WA. Re sightings along with 0930 and 1200 hrs on also duration. The interpretation were labelled as Venus. "By binoculars it seemed to be whirling on an meeting point and two go around as good as shapes which seemed to be related, combination at home a set at intervals.5. 1 May 1977. Pingaring, WA. Bit reporting a light in the sky along with 1930 and 2030hrs in the north-eastern sky for the last 6 weeks.6. Bit behind the times 29 Mar 1977 from UPIB, Bunbury re three reports:a. 26 Feb 1977. 2215hrs. Withers, WA. 5 mins. 15 degrees increase. Steady light in the sky for 15-30 seconds after that inspired straddling the sky.b. 2 Feb 1977. 2100hrs-2130hrs. Bunbury. Unfocused light in the sky painful concerning yellow/white colour.c. 15-18 Feb 1977. 2000hrs. Perth, WA. Domed object together with red and lime lights.7. Bit from UPIB together with two reports:a. 20 Feb 1977. Collie, WA. 1700hrs. A ashen set together with a ashen tail, burst at some point in clouds in the sky and was lost to sight downward a hill.b. 4 Mar 1977. 2300hrs. Brunswick Junction, WA. 10mins. Two witnesses saw an object in the north-western sky. It was great set together with a descend tail, brighter than the Moon. It appeared to speed up, leisurely down and when, at one abide by, about blanched mumbled comment.8. 16 Dec 1976. 1225WST. Kalgoorlie meteorological office. M Winterbourne saw a object travelling north-est to south-west. It accepted south of overhead. It was ashen in colour, incandescent, distracted at the edges and impartial garish. The shape was as good as a rugby set, together with an angular capacity of about unfinished a altitude. Sighting natural life was 10-12 seconds. The same as at about 50 altitude increase in the south-west it seemed to conserve for five seconds after that dissolved in the awfully spot.On the awfully day at 1330WST Winterbourne conventional a telephone exchange from Dave Bower at the Scotia Dig out, by means of Kalgoorlie reporting a "Joke object in the sky which was amiss painful. He gave me the bearings, but I bungled to backdrop it at that time."The awfully day at 1445WST Winterbourne saw the awfully object as at 1225hrs. This one flashed straddling the sky from east to west. It was lost to sight as it diminished in angular capacity patently due to break up. Fixed 12 seconds.

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