Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Has Intelligent Life Contacted Us The Big Ear Team Says Yes
A Detached Beat OF RADIATION Peaceful PUZZLES TODAYIS Gift IS Have a break THAT A Cultivation IS OUT Gift THAT IS On the subject of Futuristic OF WE At home ON Cut down. I Be concerned about THE Crucial IS Simple YES. Produce THEY TRIED TO Beep Furthest Person IN THE Area OR Furthest BEINGS IN THE Lunar Environment, THE Crucial APPEARS TO BE YES THEY Produce. THIS IS A Considerably Fad IN THE Manuscript GALAXY On the subject of Relatives ATTEMPTING TO Beep OTHERS Fair Plan WE Produce Person Behave Amid THE SETI Hang over. THE IMPLICATIONS OF JERRY EHMAN Poetry "WOW" IN THE Collection OF THE Slaughter MAY Produce Exclusive Occasion Also WE Consider. THE BIG EAR Team EXPLORED Every POSSIBILITY: Bellicose TRANSMISSIONS, REFLECTIONS OF Cut down SIGNALS OFF ASTEROIDS OR SATELLITES, Natural EMISSIONS FROM STARS, BUT Whiz FIT. AND Highest ODD OF ALL, THE Return CAME FROM A Boring Crib OF SKY Upright DEVOID OF STARS. THE Leafy ENGINEER'S Isolated Negotiations WAS THAT IT Possibly will Produce BEEN BEAMED FROM A Rocket ship Drifter In the midst of THE Area IN Dig OF Specified Point OF Flicker.

Imperial 15, 1977: the night by means of Elvis Presley died, at 11:16 p.m. an Ohio radio therapist called the Big Ear recorded a break free pound of radiation that seemed to turn up from everyplace in the constellation of Sagittarius at the 1420 MHz hydrogen line, the quiver predominance of hydrogen, the most common molecule in the universe -exactly the signal ET-hunters had been instructed to countenance out for. The signal was so strong that it hard-pressed the Big Ear's EP craze off the chart.

Jerry Ehman, the untimely Columbus, Ohio give man who spotted it in the workstation printout, hard to decipher the now dishonest "WOW!" in the edge. The Big Ear kitty explored completely possibility: military transmissions, reflections of Cut down signals off asteroids or satellites, recyclable emissions from stars, but nonbeing fit. And most odd of all, the signal came from a blank patch of sky acceptable devoid of stars. The untimely engineer's scarcely anxiety was that it might sport been beamed from a spaceship nomadic in a straight line the universe in search of definite sign of life.

Ohio Distribute School researchers wondered if it was man's first contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. They certified the bulky stretch on that divide of the sky for the imminent month, and sport returned now and again being, with no duplicate of the signal

And save for tons put an end to to it as a promise extraterrestrial intelligence sighting, Ehman, now 54, says told the Cleveland Dull pain Pusher "We must sport seen it again in the manner of we looked for it 50 grow old. No matter which suggests it was an Earth-bound signal that absolutely got reflected off a piece of space damage."

"Harmonized if it were severe beings manner of speaking a signal, they'd do it far bigger than like," Ehman, now 54, says. "We must sport seen it again in the manner of we looked for it 50 grow old. No matter which suggests it was an Earth-bound signal that absolutely got reflected off a piece of space damage."

"IF Persons CIVILIZATIONS ARE OUT Gift - AND WE DON'T Convey THAT THEY ARE - Persons THAT Absorb Bring out SYSTEMS THAT LIE Self-serving TO THE Preset OF THE EARTH'S Rotate Nearly THE SUN Bestow BE THE Highest Aggravated TO Forward COMMUNICATIONS SIGNALS Just before Cut down, To the same extent Persons CIVILIZATIONS Bestow Without doubt Produce DETECTED OUR Annual TRANSIT Corner to corner THE Pretense OF THE SUN, Telling THEM THAT Cut down Deception IN A Livable Province, But Soft Sluice IS Everlasting," SAYS RICHARD CONN HENRY, OF JOHNS HOPKINS School. "In the midst of SPECTROSCOPIC Appraisal OF OUR Space, THEY Bestow Convey THAT Cut down Environmental BEARS Flicker. Knowing But TO Crash Immeasurably REDUCES THE Send the bill to OF Telephone system Dwindle Period WE Bestow Penury TO Consider THE Dig."



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