Monday, 19 May 2014

Its been noted that with the skies so full of seeming chemtrails that it would be impossible for any military logistics as we know it to totally blanket our skies like that - therefore - folks are saying that the whole chemtrail thing is bogus. I of course objected to that opinion because even the governments admit, historically, to spraying from aircraft. Indeed it wasn't that long ago that when black plague hit an eastern European town after being sprayed by choppers - that folks noticed a lady Gaga music video that featured the plague towns name on a bottle of vodka and the guy in the video who drank it - dying and blackening by burning up in bed. That music video was made some time before the bout of plague. Eugenics type activity does seem to happen - but what is highly strange is the sheer amount of chemtrail stuff that appears in our skies. Here are some other possibilities other than the obvious that maybe people do not consider re chemtrails - but I think that all of them could be happening at once. 1. spraying of chemicals from military flights e.g. biological agents/eugenics or for HAARP transmissions2. water vapour not obeying the laws of physics as regards water.3. spraying of chemicals and biological agents by tanker UFO's hidden behind holograms of human built jets.4. deliberate paranoia wind up created by UFO technology which by flying in a straight line a couple of electrodes along the lines of the Hutchison effect are synthesising polymers and fibres in the air at altitude to create the illusion of humanity being hopelessly oppressed and overborne. e.g. just before Operation Joint Warrior in the Scottish Borders involving large amounts of troops - the skies were woven with chemtrails like spiders webs, Dr Hynek noted 'High Strangeness' as regards to alien interaction with humans. Rather like seeing humanoid gophers in black jackets next to the Spirit Rover on Mars. I suspect that if people made a big thing about the colour red all over the planet then people would start seeing lots of very unusual red and green coloured events on the ground. Aliens/demonic would use their entire suite of holograms to stack up the surreal and make our environment threatening. green being the antithesis of red. I'm not saying there isn't spraying go on - there clearly has been as its even been officially disclosed on a historic basis - but theres a great deal of extra stuff happening today too in our skies which I bet the eugenics military cannot account for. Energy to matter 'angels' are manufacturing gold dust in the air at religious meetings, turning dental work to gold and creating perfect gemstones - all it would take for the fake chemtrails made by aliens would be a machine the size of a washing machine projecting a hologram of a jet and trailing some electrodes which could synthesise molecules Perhaps in their view having us scared is the first step towards more efficient assimilation... how could our 'starbrothers' do such things.....



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