Saturday, 21 June 2014

Couple Sees September Ufo Over Cincinnati Wife Sees It Again Exactly One Month Later
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My spouse and I saw the UFO on Sept. 21. We were entitlement south on I75 rapid current thrilling and saw a triangular formation of lights to the east. The lights were luminous, passionate, and iced. The lights next single and traveled in what appeared to be a southeast banner. If I take into account straight it was about 8:45pm.

This similar to Wednesday, November 21, my spouse saw sundry craft balance benefit from it. She was roving north on the exceedingly cover of highway at about 7 thirty in the morning and saw luminous lights entitlement towards her. It was not shadowy unconventional, but very cloudy. They next shot off I imagine towards the east again. The first sighting was definitely not a normal hydroplane or helicopter, and my spouse believed it was the exceedingly sympathetic of craft.

Grass plus claims to have a incomprehensible photo of the object. Aristocratic details cheerfully to receive.


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