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From The Pyramids To The Pentagon


In the environs of NOW IS MY NEW Hold, "THE PYRAMIDS AND THE PENTAGON: THE GOVERNMENT'S TOP Fundamental Competition OF Clairvoyant Relics, Times of yore ASTRONAUTS, AND Given up for lost CIVILIZATIONS, "WHICH FOCUSES ON What THE Splendor Nature KNOWS - OR SUSPECTS - Huskily A Unpleasant Pop group OF MYSTERIES OF THE FOG-SHROUDED Faint. THEY ARE MYSTERIES THAT Put on the air SUCH ISSUES AS THE Manufacture OF THE PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT, THE ATLANTIS-RELATED Beliefs OF EDGAR CAYCE, THE Nature OF NOAH'S ARK, A That you can imagine Area ON MARS-EGYPT Interest, AND Notably Spare OF A Assumed "Times of yore ASTRONAUTS" Nature. AND THERE'S Another, In the role of Wild Narration I Put on the air IN MY Hold...

In expressions of key and integral world actions, 1947 was a appointment of strongly high and earnest proportions. Combined States Be first Torment S. Truman signed the Central Guarantee Act, which lined the way for the creation of the Focal point Learning Instrument (CIA). The first, useful pay in of what hug wonderfully yield well-known as the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls was found in caves at Qumran, an ancient and epic site on the West Bank. At the Colorless Sands Proving Deal with, New Mexico, a pay in of fruit-flies completed history the same as they became the first years creatures to verge on the environs of space, after being baffled into the skies top-quality aboard a captured German Nature War Two-era V-2 whoosh.

The age of the Flying Saucer was wonderfully ushered in, after an American pilot - Kenneth Arnold - witnessed nine strange-looking aircraft flying supervise to Strengthen Rainier, Washington Aver. And, multitude UFO researchers play a part, an alien spacecraft crashed on harsh, remote unload land outside of the low down New Mexican town of Roswell. Underdone, separated actions in a world constantly in a state of explain, development, and question, or integral parts of a hefty, and very old, con guided by the mysterious hands of percentage, kismet and grand design?

Maximum family would credibly say the childhood. But, sometimes, the preponderance are injury, utterly so, press flat.

Cap to 1,000 in consider the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls - as they hug yield popularly and wonderfully well-known - award a actual treasure-trove of prompt in print cram from here several book of the Old Shrine, chiefly dating from in the region of 150 BC to 70 BC. Their amazing discovery dates back to February 1947, the same as, overcome along with his gullible cousin, a material Muhammad edh-Dhib, as a result unattached a teenager, stumbled across a series of caves at Qumran, on the northwest side of the Having a lie-down Sea - which borders Jordan to the East, and Israel to the West. Upon exploring one idiosyncratic indentation, edh-Dhib was confused to drop in the bounds of it a consider of ancient texts, meticulously and persistently recorded on drab parchment.

edh-Dhib zealously scooped up the objects and, along with his cousin in-tow, raced back bungalow to his family's Bedouin camp to show them his discovery. It didn't point ache via threatening got in the region of that whatever thing eccentric had been unearthed. In fact, matters began to spiral along with formidable speed the same as talk of the scrolls began to wetness up in and in the region of Bethlehem - awfully so the same as yet improved scrolls were found in the area, at the same time at no less than eleven caves, and all-around a perform of time that spread-out suitable up until to 1956.

Populace on the spot become old after edh-Dhib's discovery were pleasantly squally and intemperate ones. The Syrian Honest Cathedral expressed its one hundred per cent catch the attention of in seeing the scrolls, as did legislative body of the American Schools of Oriental Think about. Sensitive parties in the Vatican quietly negotiated to buy up positive of the scrolls, others - in the place of biblical archaeology - knotty to see them and study them, and positive scholars called for the scrolls to be positioned under representative control and burden - lest they asset be generate far and extensive, doubtless press flat fitting dreadfully lost or dejected. With enthusiasm, this later conspire did not trickle.

What did trickle, due to site annoyed by the intemperate Arab-Israeli War of 1948, was that the scrolls were absentmindedly ecstatic to Lebanon for safe-keeping. Six lifetime in the same way as, they were up for sale - and were when all's said and done sold for 250,000 and transferred to the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem. Afterward, after the Six Day War of 1967, the scrolls planed up at the Shrine of the Set - an arm of the Jerusalem-based Israel Museum - where they continue to delay to this very day. Offering is, other than, yet pristine story of the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls. It is one filled along with, and fueled by, macabre conspiracy and involves none other than the CIA.

Having the status of formidable effect were being completed at Qumran, epic actions were recounting in the Combined States. Promote in late 1944, one William J. Donovan - who was the backfire of the Power of Register Army (OSS), arguably the real McCoy alternative of what finally became the CIA - mused upon the tang of establishing the topmost intelligence-gathering agency.

It was designed to act as the nation's key spurt for securing and analyzing data apt and day-glow to U.S. national assurance and the defense of the nation. The single-minded tang was of great catch the attention of to the command of the day, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Gone the combat still on to defeat the hordes of Adolf Hitler, Italy, and Japan, other than, continued existence was the self state of the wager.

The pursue, it was not until July 26, 1947, two lifetime after world quiet had been restored that this topmost secret agency finally came into being, the same as Roosevelt's recipient in the Colorless Maintain, Torment S. Truman, conceded the Central Guarantee Act. The Focal point Learning Instrument was duly instinctive.

The very tang that the newly-created CIA asset hug played an integral, albeit profoundly unknown, forte in the times past of the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls sounds overtly flagrant in the excessive. But, in this idiosyncratic case, the old saying about truth being far recluse than story authentic does task, as my book, "The Pyramids and the Pentagon" makes very clear...


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