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Alien Abduction
A send off to the editor in the Summer 1988 relief of the
Disbelieving Inquirer mystified my eye. It referred to an article
called "The Aliens Plus Us: Sleep-inducing Regression Revisited," by
Dr. Robert A. Baker. In it, Baker challenged UFO abductions by
forthcoming up next to at all alternatives to the ET Guess,
through Fantasy-Prone Personalities and Hypnogogic/Hypnopompic
Hallucinations. These last two are special have your head in the clouds states
classy upon drifting off to sleep/waking up, in which one
can soup?on paralyzed and/or see baggage in their bedroom that
aren't presently gift. Out of Body Experiences and Overseas
Abductions control been attributed to this phenomenon by one
research psychologists.

Since I conventional few responses to my post on the Planetary bounce off
symptomatic of Hypnogogic/pompic phenomena as a Discretionary explanation
for OOBEs, I alleged in all probability this send off would be enlightening:

I would close to thank Robert A. Baker for his article "The
Aliens Plus Us: Sleep-inducing Regression Revisited
" (SI, Aloof
). I control been under attack by hypnogogic hallucinations for instance
other, but until flat as a pancake this article I didn't report what
they were called or flatten that other populace had them.

My well-known ecstasy goes no matter which close this: I am on the
cash in of falling napping. A loud tinny in my ears, sometimes
accompanied by a mixture of cold-blooded voices, signals the lead
of additional incident. Nonetheless I materialize attentive, my body is absolutely
paralyzed. I soup?on my "daring" abandon my body. The side thing I
report I am optimistic where definite the ceiling, looking down at
individually and my wife at my side. In the manner of free of my body, I can commonly
control everyplace my indescribable being goes. Sometimes I float all
more or less the house, and on one accidental I floated in the company of the wall
and out fashionable the pot. Occaionally I prudence the ghost of other
beings more or less me. At one be directed at I get fed-up or frightened by the
ecologically aware thing and consider to my body and go to abstraction.

Otherwise of an out-of-body endure, I sometimes control an
particularly unusual auditory and/or leaving nothing to the imagination ecstasy. Supercilious the
existence I control seen and talked to "ghosts," been visited (though
not yet abducted
) by aliens, seen three-dimensional heads
optimistic by my bed, heard knocks on my door (what no one else
was in the house
), and was on one occasion attacked by a glowing warm
Doberman. These experiences materialize as real as life.

I control never alleged of these experiences as doesn't matter what on top of than
what they certainly are: my custody playing tricks on itself. The
few other populace I've specific who control had slam experiences
were all affirmative that they were, in Baker's symposium,
"indubitable proof of one produce of set sights on or consensual
" These or else well-spoken and harsh populace what's more
deem that Uri Geller can presently twofold spoons next to his custody.
Endure one hypnogogic ecstasy and one fantasy-prone
curious and you control all the ingredients you reliance for a untreated

Based on my own endure, I deem that hypnogogic and
hypnopompic hallucinations wait on a well-spoken explanation for
most alien abductions, out-of-body and near-death experiences,
ghosts and dead on about any other suggest of the paranormal you dependence
to stamp. Baker states that these hallucinations are a "normal yet
early obtainable and uncommonly discussed phenomenon.
" I recommend
that SI and CSICOP ponder and publicize them closely in the

James A. Stewart
Coronado, CA


Guardianship you, I don't contain "H/HH"s can absolutely portrayal for the
abduction syndrome, due to the noticeable similarities amongst
reports (see SNOBS.UFO, ParaNet Alpha, Store 1). But flatten in
this area I'm departing to recover inquest.

I'm what's more not the most minuscule bit fixed next to this assumed
"skeptic's" explanation that OOBE's are "certainly" caused by H/HHs,
"based on [his] own endure." Isn't extrapolation from
deep endure an rocky profile of judging data? It
certainly is what Valid Believers do it, as heaps affirmed
skeptics are definite to be directed at out. If he's that "concrete," there's
no use in flatten arguing next to him. He's no longer a detractor, he's
end up a wet blanket.

Nevertheless, I alleged this send off was decisive, in that it
presents an choice, Earth-bound picture of the phenomenon
from the be directed at of comment of one who has classy it. Once in a while do
affirmed skeptics divulge having valid encounters next to the
bizarre; they perceive instead to exist a on top of aloof way of behaving. I
contain this mixing of capricious endure next to set sights on
link is an decisive present in the Rationalism movement's
efforts to go back fidelity among the unquestioning.

Copyright 1988 Condition Adjoin Sciences Front Utility, All Internship Prim.

Note Copyright 1988 Board for the Statistical Plot of
Claims of the Sleight of hand. Used next to non-discriminatory.


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