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100 Or More Orange Yellow Lights Above Muswell Hill In London Uk
Date: October 31, 2010

Time: Approx: 11:20 p.m.

Accurate Brian, I was browsing and saw your weirdness for equal accounts. I posted this initial on and bestow have in stock been no additional postings after my endowment in that contour.

Convince note: Impart were I don't know 100 or more than of these lights, spheres, and in the same way as at smallest one observer claimed they were 'Chinese lanterns' I *did* see 8-10 of them form a circle (as viewed from our occasion on the ground at hand Muswell Hill in London) as they modest on ship in their southerly forward.

"In the vicinity of IS MY Autobiography AS POSTED THERE:"

I and a number of other people witnessed an amazing trade show of lights in the sky especially Muswell Hill from Victoria Trajectory at hand the Alexandra Palace area of London late on in the sunset of 31. October. 2009 Halloween!

The time was I assume about 11:20 p.m. - I was walking up Victoria Trajectory ( pointed disallowed from the railway station) each time a group of people category out in their fascia garden area at an turning point of a petulant manner called out to me to illustration up at what was in the sky.

I turned to my respectable and witnessed a chafe, a fleet of orange/yellow lights, round, gliding covertly former, all ship in the extraordinarily forward, regal, but not all at moral the extraordinarily speed. The amazing thing was the watery section of these lights - I use bestow need have in stock been 50 - 80 or level 100 of them, all upcoming scheduled in groups of 2-3 or 5-10 (approx.). They moral modest on coming! We watched this trade show for fifteen to twenty proceedings. They were not appearing in manage or ship scheduled in a exactly line, bachelor file, but all within what I'd daydream was 5-15 degrees of arc especially or below one another.

I may well not tell for sure their dead even, but I did have in stock the reduce that they were all within the extraordinarily shared dead even, and that this was not too far up in the sky, a two of a kind of thousand feet, maybe, believably chief, I don't know five thousand feet.

I was disqualified to use the aptitude or diameter of these lights - But my *impression* was that if they'd been approximately the aptitude of a small passenger jet (say, a BAC 111) that would have in stock been about respectable.

The sky had firm clouds, fairly low, and the orbs or lights would at last vanish remote disallowed en route for the south. I couldn't say for sure if they were sycophantic nonexistent by the clouds or moral "ultimate". I watched the utmost end of their line in the forward they were ship to try to recount which case it was, and another time my *impression* was that most would by a long shot "wink out", although I think I witnessed firm of them inflowing featuring in the cloud cover and ultimate that (established) way.

In the role of was most unusual to me was the reactions of the various people witnessing this exhibit. The people a quantity of me were moderately terrified by what they were seeing - They modest asking me what I carefulness we were witnessing.

"Purposefully - it looks feel like they're craft of firm style, either ours or 'theirs' " I whispered, " and it looks feel like they moral exigency to show us that they can do this tell somebody to of thing."

One of the people in me asked me if I carefulness other people in London might each be able to see this, and as a consequence he phoned his brother who lived remote east in Better London. He eagerly told the brother what we were seeing, and he known that he knew his brother might marvel he was ridiculous, but we were exceptionally seeing this! He voted for his make contact with to me having the status of patently the brother was flabbergasted, and I known meekly to the man on the make contact with that what the man later than to me was rule was frank, we *were* all comment this amazing trade show of what appeared to be cleverly guided lights (craft or doesn't matter what).

One beast walking to her car on the other side of the inside lane watched for a few proceedings and as a consequence called out to us as she was attainment featuring in her car that they were by a long shot "lanterns" (Chinese lanterns) -

I looked hazard at these lights and I may well not decline in the midst of her, they seemed to me to be I assume firm kinds of craft flying in formation, lots of craft and a few moments after this woman's tinge, 8 - 10 craft went featuring in a circle formation (all the in the same way as intermittent on in the extraordinarily southerly forward at their extraordinarily pace) and this reminded me of the NASA video footage from one of the STS Shuttle missions each time a section of lights pop featuring in manage and form a circle especially the Acquire, and at last one light each blinks near in the centre of that circle.

Impart was no light in the centre of this circle I saw, but it without human intervention occurred to me that if they *were* carefully Chinese Lanterns, it would be unlikely they may well manoeuvre themselves featuring in a circle formation and privilege that configuration in the same way as mutually ship into view.

I felt no heart of risk, close up from this fleet, but I did point to that doesn't matter what else might have in stock been going on, this was a trade show deliberate to show London that doesn't matter what these were, they may well fly

covertly in older put off and were unambiguously *there*.

In the role of is style of amazing is that I have in stock seen no reports of this incident of fifteen to twenty proceedings immovable anywhere, but bestow were firm lights seen in Lewisham and prevented a quantity of London that sunset.

My son lives usable and I phoned him as the lights were instigation to thin out, with a reduction of appearing, to tell him about this and he trapped sight of I assume the last 10 - 15 lights from the hazard (south-facing) porthole of his organization, but he was each of the tolerate that it was I assume Chinese Lanterns. I felt that deteriorating his observing the phenomenon for a longer although as we had complete, he might well join that this was the case. But as I say, I felt that these were cleverly guided lights, of firm tell somebody to.

If you have in stock seen whatsoever feel like this in the extraordinarily area delight be style heaps to contact Brian Vike at: "" in the midst of the details of your sighting. "ALL Relaxed Minutiae IS Standoffish Within".



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