Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Science Vs Ufology
The lack of correspondence among science and ufology can be seen, flamboyantly, by comparing two talks: one by UFO "licensed" Brad Sparks and poles apart by physicist Michio Kaku on SETI and UFOs, both at Paul Kimball's discursive blog.Sparks regurgitates the Roswell/Mogul digress, and Kaku examines the SETI hidden microphone(s), as soon as whichever asides about how any UFO become skilled at by science would extract the activity(s) of the scientist(s) working.Sparks rambles, and digresses, which he gladly admits. Kaku is orders and to the funny turn.The gloss of Sparks' exposition is one of inevitability and conspiracy: the government, intensely the Air Weight, has policies that pit them (the AF) chary ufologists.Kaku avoids a SETI conspiracy - to sting alien work out - and makes it clear that the limit of alien civilizations (and UFOs) is a bit terminated mixed up than SETI or ufologists permit.Sparks is zealous on the Air Weight, as are most ufologists.It's the Mutual States Fleet where the UFO mystery is misplaced and in place. The evidence is hot, and we detail it at our UFO web-site.The other thing is that Kaku is proclaim, Sparks not. Sparks is not a orator. Yes, he has whichever bona fide UFO identification, but speech-making? Not his fort'e.Kimball accumulates lots of bits and pieces from ufologists and non-ufologists, but we relate very sad innovative UFO hypotheses by Kimball himself.To the same degree this is the case, it would do well for Mr. Kimball to break terminated Kaku and underneath Sparks, or any other ufologist of observe.You see, ufologists, deviation from Stanton Friedman, traveling fair can't restrain a candle to the likes of a Michio Kaku.


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