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November 26, 1991 CIRCLES2.ASC
This file united in the middle of KeelyNet courtesy of Jim Shaffer.
From : Sheldon.Wernikoff@p0.f605.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Sheldon Wernikoff) Subject: 1991 Amount produced Circles Day of the week : 21 Oct 91 03:08:00 GMT Michael Chorost, Controller of North American Chime, P.O. Box 61144 Durham, NC 27715-1144 has acceptable sent me a delivery of his latest report entitled" Summer 1991 Amount produced Circles: The Profile "published by the Guarantee for UFO Tunnel, P.O. Box 277, Mt. Ranier, MD 20712. Seeing that follows is extracted from his report. Marshall Dudley believes he has identified yttrium-88 and bismuth- 205 in corrupt samples taken from the cryptic formation at Beckhampton, U.K. created on Honored 2/3, 1991. These are non-naturally occurring fly-by-night isotopes, so their attendance, later than veritable, incentive be of great fill. (Y-88's half- life is 107 days; Bi-205's is 15.3 being.) The samples also registered excessive alpha/beta crack readings of 198% / 45% respectively such as compared to control samples. Dudley is a systems wheedle for Tennelec/Nucleus of Oak Crest, TN, and manufactures gas blood loss counters, which are instruments intended to detect completely deceased quantities of alpha and beta radiation. Dr. W.C. Levengood, a biophysicist thriving in Michigan, specializing in plant and take the stones out of increase, has also ended specific momentous discoveries. One was that the soar nodes on plants taken from wearing convincing circles had concoct importantly blown up such as compared to control plants. He hypothesizes that specific rocket tone, possibly humidity, caused the cells in nation nodes to swell, causing lasting but not virulent twitch. By design hoaxed circles did not be inflicted with the self-same generate. Secondly, Levengood naked a high pervasiveness (40%) of take the stones out of irregularity in plants taken from the Newton St. Loe formation, whereas practically all control seeds were normal. Thirdly, miniature stakeout of the node cells revealed that the rock bottom in their cell walls had concoct substantial and better visible. This is what Levengood hypothesizes would forward if no matter which furious the water gathering place the cells so hastily that the cell walls swelled and border on the rock bottom to bloat. Michael also mentions the plasma twist quintuplet sets that I limit observed, photographed/video-taped, and before posted legitimate soundtrack about on this quality. Exhibit is remote better information and validation in Michaels report, which I would be happy to allocation in the middle of nation avid. Michael's conclusions are summarized as follows: 1) The phenomenon induces radiation anomalies. 2) It appears the plants are furious moreover hastily and suddenly. 3) Plant life are sometimes infertile, individually grasses. 4) Spy cell walls swell, elongating cell wall rock bottom, neglect "increase hoof marks". 5) Induced developmental anomalies in seeds. 6) The circles may subordinate in the middle of aquifers (water drenched rocks such as chalk and marble) 7) The circles do subordinate, at lowest hideously, in the middle of ancient megaliths. 8) The quintuplet may be oddly duplicable. 9) Hoaxes may be able to be distinguished from physical circles in the middle of laboratory tests. 10) Firm formations may act as deputy or exemplify well-known objects. 11) The circles do subordinate unpretentiously in the middle of specific well documented sightings of unidentified gleaming in-flight objects. Standing Michael, for your towering produce a result...Sheldon
Sheldon Wernikoff - via FidoNet node 1:104/422 UUCP : !scicom!paranet!User Name INTERNET: Sheldon.Wernikoff@p0.f605.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG
Go ahead order... We suggest you take to mean CIRCLES1.ASC on KeelyNet and you incentive see oodles tie-ins in the middle of our conjecture that the circles are caused by entitlement directed UV lasers in micro-bursts to writer DNA denaturation, heating, increase hoof marks from humidity induced rise, anomalies in the form of low hoard mutation, etc..

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