Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Tunguska Incident Ufo Crash Or Meteor
On June 30, 1908, a large explosion in a remote area of Siberia leveled over 2,000 km2 of the surrounding forest, yet there was no impact crater to be found. One of the leading theories at the time was that an alien spacecraft has exploded, fueled by science fiction stories of the time and several eyewitness accounts that claimed that the object that exploded looked like a "large pipe."

One would expect that if an exploding spacecraft was involved, there would certainly have been some wreckage found at the site, yet none has been found to date. Also, if some sort of nuclear reactor exploded, then the surrounding area would have been covered in radioactive fallout, yet no abnormal radiation was detected in the area. However one also needs to consider: a civilization advanced enough to send a craft light-years through space has probably also developed forms of energy that don't leave behind radiation.

As the years progressed and scientific knowledge improved, the leading theory of the cause of the explosion is that a chuck of asteroid or comet vaporized when it struck the atmosphere, sending a blast wave down to the ground. When an asteroid traveling thousands of miles per hour suddenly strikes the dense atmosphere, it can create an intense amount of heat and large shockwave in the object, vaporizing it instantly. In the 1990's, advanced testing identified spherules of nickel-iron silicates in the downed trees and soil - exactly the type of minerals found in the most common meteorites.

Also pointing to the evidence of an exploded asteroid theory is Lake Cheko some 7km away. The shape of the lakebed is conical, like an impact crater, and the axis of this cone lines up with the center of the explosion site. Testing of the lake indicates it was formed around 1908. Radar and magnetic testing also indicate a large chuck of rock in the very center - most likely a chuck of the original asteroid that exploded.

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