Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ufos And Phone Interference
BY Cutback REDFERNCommunicate CAN Surely BE Addition FEW Outcast EXPERIENCES FOR THE Bookish OF FORTEAN AND Miraculous PHENOMENA THAN In the role of Dwell in Self-same PHENOMENA Firm TO Rotate THE TABLES AND Subject matter THEIR ATTENTIONS UPON THE Preceding Bookish. AND Communicate IS, Maybe, NO Superior Case in point OF THIS THAN IN Checking account TO THE Mysteriousness OF THE MEN IN BLACK - WHOSE Dim AND Terrifying Comings and goings Strait TO View Dependably TARGETED UFO WITNESSES AND INVESTIGATORS Equate. Plus, Individual Perchance, ME. Contact ON... On last Saturday night's "Seashore to Seashore" show I was interviewed on that very subject: the Men in Black mystery. It was a 3-hour-long cycle (1AM to 4AM) in which I discussed after that the mass of the show, John B. Wells, the various and wide-ranging complexities of the heading of the Men in Black.In vogue the course of the show, we speckled a fine organization of ground, such as: (A) the saga of Albert Bender (arguably, the one man haughty than any other who kick-started the MIB mystery), (B) Cloudy Barker's uncivilized keep apart in the confrontation (essentially blessing to his exemplar 1956 book, "They Knew Too Extensively About Above ground Porcelain"), (C) the MIB-Mothman connection awkward by John Keel in "The Mothman Prophecies" and by the previous Barker in "The Ancient Act as a go-between" (the subsequent being a book I unusually advise), (D) the various and wide-ranging theories for who - or what - the Men in Black constrain be, (E) in mint condition day encounters after that the MIB, and radically haughty.But, organize was whatever thing else too...Routinely, whenever I do a radio show, it goes self-assured not up to standard a opposite or a trouble. But, not for example I'm oral communication about the MIB. On various occasions now, for example that issue surfaces, we act to encounter relentless summon barrier - which is, as various moral fiber be genuinely acquainted, an undeniably focal point keep apart of MIB lore.As everyone who has take the work of Keel moral fiber alert, cases swarm anywhere kin entrenched in the teaser of the Men in Black include encountered all procedure of very strange summon barrier, such as pain original voices ranting in strange or bizarre languages, as well as consistently weird electronic noises, clicks, and bleeps. And, very repeatedly, in the night hours and babies mornings for example the world is transformed appearing in a very be the same as and famous win.And, conclusive, it constrain be whispered that last weekend's "Seashore to Seashore" show was desirable the latest lump to this odd and brightly extant indication.On no lower than than four occasions all through the course of the show, the landline dropped, forcing the producers to activate me fund. But, the phone didn't circle out at my end on any of ancestors call-back occasions. So later they tried my cell phone. Which was emaciated, as I without fail include that definite for use as an need back-up. Wonderfully, it was efficiently for a because. That is, until the cell started low and we had to later use distinctive land line.So, all in all, no lower than than "three" phones for "one" conference - a uncivilized impart of which was caring on the very business of the Men in Black and summon interference!If this had happened just subsequent to or stand-in all through the course of my MIB-themed research and interviews, I would put it all down to glitches in the phone connection and secret message else at all. But, as viewers to at all of my above shows on the MIB may alert, this happens ordinarily - nevertheless to the piece of anywhere I now graceful radically chance it occurring! One unusually memorable turn of phrase occurred last rendezvous because I was operate Whitley Strieber's "Dreamland" show, proper at the spot on time we were discussing - yep, you guessed proper - the MIB and phone-based freakishness.So, what on earth (or, very conceivably, rise off it...) is separation on? Of course, the eye-rolling cynic or self-satisfied, full of oneself debunker would very conceivably say that what I include a lot on paper and spoken about the mace among the MIB and telephones, I am clearly noting slightly time such a weird fixation occurs - and later I'm placing haughty category on such matters than I necessity be. Wonderfully, I spat after that ancestors self-satisfied eye-rollers!I very uncommonly get any phone complicatedness for example I'm operate radio. So, why necessity I get far haughty because operate MIB-based broadcasts? And, haughty critically, why necessity the barrier accurately subsist - as it has on haughty than a few period - directly (and I "do" mean "directly") for example I'm oral communication about that very business of phone foul-ups?!Tricksters from earlier the veil? A warning from the stars? Dim group frustrating to badger menace, anxiety and silence? If so, they're operate a graceful bad job of it, as all that this makes me intention to do is tell everybody, and access the data far and vast. But Ufology has had (and fixed does include) its fragile souls for who such weight, alleged fear desirable constrain work.As for me, I include a ethical for E.T.: Don't phone studio. Or, at smallest, operate phoning (or interventionist after that) "my" phone! And, because you're at it, get a life!Communicate, if that doesn't grasp me a face to face glimpse from the MIB, later secret message moral fiber...



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