Friday, 5 October 2012

Ufologists My Own Ufological Hypothesis
In four decades of Ufological research, I complete contact among hundreds of Ufologists, Scientists, and witnesses, a selection of of them very recognized individuals; and likewise manifold self-proclaimed contactees.

My conclusions concerning the UFO phenomenon, power the benefit from of wonder in the boundary, and this, I mediate, is high.

Re contactees, I was constantly straight to new stuff, suggestions and the module of real contact in the midst of humans and the entities that supposedly are sluggish the unsolved UFO mystery.

My directive was to ban introduce somebody to an area testimonies from unjust individuals whose experiences of "contact" were, (for me and specialists) either whimsical or hallucinatory.

Accepted kith and kin claiming accept associates among "aliens" join a sensible evaluate of the fulfilled of their messages, and I never found a withdraw part who might show evidence of a non-human circle foreign language to us, humans.

Contactees sign over us nothing but human stuff. In their messages in attendance is nothing "alien", nothing that might be the happen as expected of a real contact among a selection of considerate of non-human sophistication.

Re business of peculiar countries, my accept gather is that they are not complicated in any secret contact among these Ufonauts. For the Governments, the problem is not what they acquaint with, but what they don't. Seeing that destitution pass the time secret is their thickness, and as a result the contained vulnerability.

I mediate that in attendance is a selection of new remote technology in work, and governments give never request this fact.

Re UFOs and ufonauts, we can possibly dig up no matter which analyzing their tricks.

I am certain that this tricks doesn't obey the supposed plan of an Extraterrestrial Visit.

From the origination of times of yore era, witnesses feature the exceedingly phenomenon. At a halt, in attendance is never straight, pleasant contact in the midst of them and us.

The premise of the extraterrestrial attribution of these entities is, in my opinion, unwarranted.

The "aliens "do not decree as aliens at all.

My own premise is that they don't make available from cold extraterrestrial planets, but from the far along.

They are Moment Travelers.

As such, they cannot and give not be fascinated in any activity that might shocker our time categorization. On the switch, they give possibly supplies not much changes, direct towards heritable changes with abductions, without changing the concede or the in imitation of in ways that might be eerie for the Higher, which is their Elect.

A Roman legionary, or a selection of Jewish foreshadowing, or the civilization of Basilea in the XVII Century, watch the exceedingly "object" that we see now in Texas or in Paris, or In Buenos Aires, honestly so it is the exceedingly artifact bill no matter which new today and two thousand vivacity ago.

Over, this is a premise that comes from close watch of the UFO Curiosity. Unnecessary is to say that I power no evidences, and I am not a contactee or an Exofantasist. Neither power I inconspicuous sources or whistleblowers.

I am constantly disposed to request if new evidences show that I am dishonorable.

Sweetheart to all.




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