Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ufo Sighting In West Milford
UFO SIGHTING IN WEST MILFORD, NEW JERSEY ON AUGUST 3RD 2013 - BRIGHT ORANGE/YELLOW (FIREY) BALL MOVED SLOWING DECENDING INTO TREE LINE1. walking the dogs in the dark neighborhood 2. staring at the stars while walking dogs and, it grabbed my attention. 3. thought it was something on fire in the sky (plane, meteor? based on size and color) but it moved too perfectly, slowly... 4. BIG ORANGE/YELLOW FIRE-TYPE BALL moved slowly and purposefully from SE to NW getting lower and lower until it disappeared below the tree line. 5. Im a huge outdoors person. I have lived in the woods all my life and stare at the sky often. This was the most unusual thing I've ever seen. I was so curious, confused and perplexed that I had to drag the poor doggies back up the neighborhood so I could follow it. 6.EXTREMELY disappointed. I didn't want to stop watching it, but it disappeared behind the tree line.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.


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