Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hieroglyphic Type Symbols
I convey been in use on compiling a list of scenery that convey been hard in UFO sightings. One well-known include on my list that has been reported in disappear encounters not later than UFOs is, hieroglyphic type symbols.

The first two drawings are from the Dec. 26th, 1980 UFO disappear encounter at Rendlesham Lumber. Fixed States Air Be a burden lookout supervisor, Jim Penniston, was a proof to the same degree a triangular craft landed organize the East Insolence of RAF Woodbridge. He recorded the symbols he saw on the UFO and later well ahead submitted a cleaned up drawn from the tap in the debriefing of the incident. (As you can see, in his first stick of the symbols, his screenplay looks fairly silly. This is a approving sign he was very weighed down by what he was seeing.)

The third drawing depicts the symbols Jesse Marcel Jr. remembers seeing on the furtive refuse found at the Roswell New Mexico crash site in 1947.

Trial lawyer Daniel Sheehan, era in use on a special project not later than congress in 1977, claims to convey seen photographs of what he assumed was an extraterrestrial space craft. These photographs were stored somewhere in the vault of the Madison building! In one of the disappear up photographs of the distant of the craft, Sheehan noticed hieroglyphic type symbols. He covertly recorded people symbols down on the next of his notepad. I searched keenly for a deliver of his notepad not later than the symbols, but I found nothing fasten for an online forum sermon in 2007 stating Sheehan has yet to read out what he recorded.

If abandoned I might see the symbols Daniel Sheehan recordedMaybe they bring into line one of the leader or directly leader deceptive, I don't know they are completely curious. Contemporary is very follow up evidence of these symbols to try and begin to see a cast of confer, but my theory is the symbols found on the Rendlesham Lumber craft might be a confer and the symbols found on the Roswell garbage might be become. Time I'm basing my theory right off of the confer patterns found on Search.

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