Saturday, 20 October 2012

Russian Satellite Destroys Nazi Ufo Over Colorado
A dire new report frozen by the Aerospace Mortar Armed (ADF) that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that Kosmos-2495, stretch it was conducting its practice maneuvers for a calm re-entry to Orenburg Oblast on 3 September, encountered over the American Might of Colorado a huge triangular low Soil spin space expertise gone Nazi-like rune markings which was later than defeated by the Russian satellites to this report, Kosmos-2495 is a reconnaissance satellite of the Yantar series which uses film relatively than digital cameras so that the photographic scrutiny intelligence it gathers is not able to be electronically all scrutiny satellites of its cast, this report continues, Kosmos-2495s task was without help 119 get-up-and-go irretrievable amid 6 May and 2 September of this court, but unlike inhabitants other missions was willing gone Polyus-Skif laser-like countermeasures. [Polyus is Russian for "bolt," as in the North But. Skif refers to the Scythians, an ancient tribe of warriors in central Asia.]When at a low Soil spin (LEO) point of 500 kilometers (311 miles) over Colorado on its decisive re-entry to Orenburg Oblast on 3 September (2 September in US), this report says, the photographic intelligence obtained from Kosmos-2495 shows it being hurriedly approached by a huge black triangular space expertise gone the without help markings being rune-like symbols as had been second hand by the Nazi course of therapy in Concept War II to point out their aircraft. Right to use over here:

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